How Did My Friend Become… My Foe?

Barronelle Stutzman is a Christian floral designer in Richland, Washington. She never imagined herself as a crusader. Just a 72-year-old grandmother who loves her business and her customers. She loved working with her longtime friend Rob. He was her loyal customer for a decade. She knew he was in a same-sex relationship, but that didn’t

Danger!!! Bible Zone!!!

Memorial Day — the day we remember those who gave their lives serving in our nation’s military. Yesterday, I wrote about that beautiful display at SEARS, created by employees to honor their fallen military heroes. Maybe that’s why today’s news caught me so by surprise. Did I wake up in an episode of that old

When Time Stood Still

For me, time had stopped. Or at least, my watch had. I went to the jewelry department in Sears. I didn’t even know Sears had a jewelry department. I had gone there for a different reason altogether. But I also needed a watch battery. The sales associate helping me raved about their jeweler. So there

We Have Met the Enemy, and He Is…

Earthly power is addictive. Lord Acton put it in unmistakable terms: “Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Is this really true? If so, who gives (and/or assumes) such corrupting authority? Allen Ginsberg, one of the 20th century’s most influential poets, was a founding father of the revolutionary countercultural Beat Movement. He

Limburger Stinks… So Does This!

How many companies do you know that “exist to glorify God”? You probably would never have heard of this one, Telescope Media Group, had it not been for a law threatening their very existence. Carl and Angel Larsen love telling stories. They get a lot of practice, with eight children. 🙂  Also, through their business, producing

Soul Food… Or Sour Taste?

Alaska Airlines (AA) has been around for over 85 years. Like other airline companies, it has had its share of ups and downs (no pun intended!) due to volatile economic conditions, fuel costs, labor relations, etc. And, although a regional player, it has also been considered an innovator in technology and service. Bruce Kennedy

Cherished Communion Cameo

They aren’t famous. I had never even met them before. So why did I grab my camera during our communion service this morning and snap their picture? Because You told me to, Lord. It was one of those Urgent Opportunities. A Photo of A Lifetime. Here one moment, gone the next. So I didn’t waste

Heavenly Pruning… from Ow to Wow!

“There is a time for everything…” (Ecclesiastes 3:1) In business, there’s no time like the present for Sustainability. And the path to sustainability directs us inevitably toward acceptable returns on the assets we deploy. Whether it’s people, money or time, our corporate sphere of influence is best served when all of our assets are fully engaged

Fear Tactics or Faith Truths?

The last two Kingdom PERSECUTION posts concern the same issue from different perspectives and geographies. At the very least, the preponderance of current news surrounding this issue suggests it is not only relevant, it is timely and not-at-all isolated. Fear-mongering can produce unintended consequences. Like people discounting the messenger without giving the message its due.

Putting Your $$$ Where Your Faith Is?

IMPORTANT CAVEAT as I begin! I don’t know anything about the company I describe today. But its premise resonates deeply with me. So I’m sharing it here as an intriguing resource for any who want to check it out… at your own risk.  🙂 LightPoint Kingdom(k) retirement plan targets Christian business owners. It’s a retirement