Wrestling Match of The Ages

A lot of people are struggling right now… aren’t they, Lord?  Struggling with the world as it is, yes.  But even more so, struggling with the weight of their past decisions.  Wrestling with regrets.  Wanting to make the “wrongs” Right. Or, at least, to find Forgiveness.  Even Reconciliation. I spoke with several such people recently.

Reaching For The Stars!

I must have gained a new level of Healing, Lord.  By Your grace, of course.  How else could it have happened? You have given me a Message to share.  Some dear brothers and sisters-in-Christ have challenged me to venture far beyond my comfort zone.  By taking the initiative to search out and contact people with…

How Blessed We Are, Lord!

Their presence was too obvious to ignore.  And too ominous.  I saw them with my own eyes. Men with machine guns.  On every street corner.  A little disconcerting, on the busy city streets.  I asked our host who they were and why they were there.  He said, “For protection.  To help keep the peace.”  Apparently,

Ready for Liftoff!

You are the Master Communicator, Lord!  I know this… yet You never cease to amaze me with Your creativity!  Yesterday, the “medium” You chose for Your message was a… … helicopter??? I was meeting with a dear sister.  We always gather in Your Presence.  And You never disappoint us! Yesterday was “just another day” in

Heaven to Diana… Come In, Please!

That’s what it’s been like for the last week, Lord.  Ever since we returned from The Land Down Under. It didn’t take me long to adjust to the 16-hour time difference when we went from Florida to Australia and New Zealand. But coming back??? Someone told me it takes one day to adjust for every

The Power of Divine Suggestion

“I’ve never said that before!  When it came out of my mouth, I wondered: ‘Where did THAT come from???’” He was our guide at the Botanic Garden today in Sydney.  A very nice, very knowledgeable grey-haired man who talked us through a 90-minute free tour.  A fascinating combination of history, anthropology, botany, zoology and sociology.

Duty-Free HOPE

International airports are a Shopper’s Paradise.  Getting from check-in counters to departure gates is never via the shortest path.  Instead, passengers are strategically directed to pass by every possible last-minute, duty-free, spontaneous purchase. We arrived early at the Queenstown airport.  Ready to depart from New Zealand and fly to Australia. Sorry to leave the beauty

Our Breakfast Prayer

We were heading out on another excursion.  This time, via steamboat ferry on huge Queenstown Lake. We showed up for breakfast at our cozy B & B.  It was at the normal time… but the dining room was empty. My Honey got there first.  His brief chat with our hostess must have been Heaven-sent.  When

The Cagey Browns

Brown trout.  They’re hard fish to catch… aren’t they, Lord?  Maybe that’s why they grow so big and fat. Gorging themselves on plentiful food with very little competition. We spent the last two days trying to catch a few.  Or even one.  All to no avail.  The first day, we floated on a huge lake

Leveraging The Unexpected

The Franz Josef Glacier has been receding.  The walk to see just the edge of it now takes 1.5 hours.  Up and down, over rocky terrain.  I “hoofed” it today… and my thighs and calves are complaining tonight! But my spirit is SOARING!   🙂 Not because I was rewarded at the end of the