Almost… But Not Yet.

That’s what I’m feeling tonight, Lord.  Almost… but not yet. Skippy had a bad day on the road today.  Her first, in our travels to date.  She just couldn’t get comfortable.  Up and down.  Back and forth.  Meow, meow, meow.  Not a moment’s nap in our 400+ mile trek.  Up and down.  Back and forth.

Savoring the Leftovers

When cooking our “gourmet” meals, we often make enough for leftovers.  And often, they taste even better the next day, when all of the flavors have had more time to meld together. You did the same for me this morning, Lord.  When You served me a delicious “leftover.”  Another mouth-watering “morsel” of insight, “left over”

May I Please Come In ???

I have experienced two border crossings in the last week — one entering Canada; the other, reentering the United States from Canada. The first was uneventful.  A few simple questions.  A quick glance at our passports, followed by:  “Welcome to Canada.  Have a nice visit!”  Duration?  Five minutes… tops. The other was… surprising.  A few

Life in The Fast Lane!

Today, I got a taste of The Slow Lane. Our fishing trip this morning on Lake Nippising in North Bay, Ontario was so slow it was nonexistent.  We arrived at the marina at the appointed time — 7:30 AM — and met our fishing guide.  He had tried to call us, but just got voicemail.

The Trap of Expectations

It isn’t anything like we expected. The RV park.  The city.  The lake.  We thought we were headed for quaint and sleepy.  We arrived at crumbling and supersonic. We’re heading across Ontario toward Windsor, with the plan to cross back into the USA near Detroit.  All the better to visit our dear friends in Michigan.

Eyes to See

Over 400 years ago, back in the 1600’s, Brother Lawrence served as a lay brother in a Carmelite monastery in Paris. It was there that he sought every day to practice being aware of — and attentive to — Your Presence, Lord. It was a journey of profound intimacy with You. This awareness and attentiveness

When “Genius” Is Not Smart Enough

I know a very smart man. In fact, the world measures his IQ at the “Genius” level.  Meaning “exceptional — unusual, remarkable — intellectual power or ability. I often marvel at the vast array of data tidbits he can draw up from the well of his memory.  I have joked — in a “dead serious”

I Heard Myself

There’s really something to that expression… isn’t there, Lord? “I heard myself.” You have been pulling me forward toward The Future.  Using the power of Vision to make this last season my best season. One of the ways You have been doing this is in my marriage.  We have been married now for 27+ years.

High Without WiFi – Amazing P.S.!

I was “high” on You yesterday, Lord.  But I am higher still today!!! This morning, we “scoped out” our friends’ cottage some thirty minutes away from our RV campground.  An isolated cottage in a vast pine forest… on a beautiful lake, down a driveway one kilometer long.  If silence could be “deafening,” we would both

High Without WiFi

A long, long day.  A long, long drive — 463 miles!  Now that we are here, in Canada, the trailer park’s WiFi is as tired as we are.  Almost no signal… and I’m sitting in our truck, in the dark.  To get as close as I can to WiFi Central.  So I must be brief.