High Without WiFi

A long, long day.  A long, long drive — 463 miles!  Now that we are here, in Canada, the trailer park’s WiFi is as tired as we are.  Almost no signal… and I’m sitting in our truck, in the dark.  To get as close as I can to WiFi Central.  So I must be brief.

How like You it is, Abba, to fill me with JOY at the end of a long journey!  How You manage to do this in some priceless way every single day is beyond me.  Guess that’s why You are GOD and I am NOT!   🙂

We arrived at the park at 6:00 PM, after our almost ten-hour, nonstop drive.  I went to the office to check in… and met Ms. SUNSHINE, in the flesh!  A Dazzling Smile + A Warm Welcome = An Equation for SUCCESS!

She checked me in and then asked:  “Did you participate in the Relay for Life in 2012?”  No, she wasn’t prophetic.  🙂   She had noticed my t-shirt from our Sebring Relay in April 2012 — just eight months after my last chemo, and two months after my last reconstructive surgery.

I answered, “Yes” and she said, “Great!”  So I asked further:  “Do you have a heart for Relay?”  Then You wowed me, Lord, with Your Divine Orchestration.

She teaches kindergarten.  Twelve years ago, one of her students — yes, a kindergarten student — was diagnosed with breast cancer.  This teacher, who clearly loved (and was inspired by) this little girl, has participated in Relay for Life every year since then in her honor.  Her little friend lost her fight, but I bet she knows her teacher “fights” on for her (in spirit)… and for so many others (still in the battle).

She rejoiced when I shared that I am a Survivor!  How could we not hug???  You had, from thousands of miles apart, charted our steps so we would share that hug tonight.  At the end of a long journey… for both of us.

We didn’t talk about faith.  Tomorrow is another day.  But I wonder… She is filled with so much JOY!  Maybe we have more in common than Relay for Life…  Something like Eternal Life???   🙂

“Let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.”  (Matthew 5:16)

“I have told you this so that My joy may be in you and that your joy may be complete.”  (John 15:13)

Now, to sleep… to be renewed and refreshed overnight.  Maybe this WiFi will be feeling better tomorrow, too???   🙂

No worries… I’m already HIGH on YOU, Lord!!!

Abba’s Girl

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