Keeping this Land of the Free… FREE

What are the stages of religious persecution in a society? Would it be helpful for us to know them… so we (anyone affected) could better assess where our present experience falls on that continuum? So we could help each other do something about it? Johnnette Benkovic, from Women of Grace, identified Five Stages of Religious Persecution

Imagine that… Ultimate Peace!

Ken Yeung is similar to many other Silicon Valley entrepreneurs. At least, in some respects. He’s hard-working. And he’s driven by a clear vision. But unlike many Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, his vision carries The Name above every name — Jesus Christ. The company he founded in 1985 is called Prince of Peace Enterprises. Ultimate Peace!

Today’s Seeds… Tomorrow’s Harvest?

It’s happening right now… isn’t it, Lord? The God-encounter for this Son-day’s post. I had been praying since I first woke up this morning, “What do You want me to write about today, Lord? What encounter have we had this past week that could give others Hope?”  I remember the fleeting thought that flew through my

Calling All Christians… Right NOW!

Remember that resource I cited last week — the one I had ordered, but hadn’t yet received? It’s here now. I’m only in Chapter 3. But already I’m believing this may be one of the most POWERFUL tools I will ever recommend. Are you a fellow Christian business owner committed to advancing God’s Kingdom through

This Bell No Longer Tolls… Not Yet.

A small art gallery / bistro in Iowa, the “home away from home” for its owners, was forced to close its doors. It was a tough choice for the owners. But a tough one they were willing to make. “We’re more certain than ever that what we did was right. We wouldn’t have chosen this

Acts 4 Clean Up… Inside & Out!

How does a Harvard-educated entrepreneur end up founding a cutting-edge, marketplace ministry? I guess, like everyone else whose mid-life spiritual transformation drives them from corporate power to Kingdom PURPOSE. His name is Jesus! “I am the Vine, you are the branches. If you remain in Me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart

Very Special Delivery!

Her email appeared in my inbox last Sunday night. No subject line. A name I didn’t recognize. How many such emails have I deleted, Lord, in these days of hackers sending viruses to crash the hard drives of the unsuspecting? It is only by Your grace that I opened this one, Lord. A Very Special

Power Over Unseen Enemies

I had asked the Lord yesterday what He wanted me to share today in this post about Kingdom POWER. Why was I not surprised when, just moments later, He answered my question?  🙂 I had been in a meeting with a Forever Sister-in-Christ. One I was meeting face-to-face for the first time, after she had

Beautiful Battlefield Blessings!

Sometimes the rising tide of persecution doesn’t just lap at distant shores. It laps at shores close enough to get our own feet wet. Like it did for me… seven years ago. I was chief executive at the heathcare organization I had co-founded. Like a for-profit business, it provided patients with a vast array of

An Unlikely Outcome… But For God!

What if it seemed like everyone was saying you’ll never amount to anything? Everyone… except the Lord. Who would you believe? David Steward believed the Lord… and by His Grace, went on to found World Wide Technology (WWT) in 1990. Forbes lists WWT as the 30th largest, privately-held corporation in America. Through its global presence, WWT