Very Special Delivery!

Her email appeared in my inbox last Sunday night. No subject line. A name I didn’t recognize. How many such emails have I deleted, Lord, in these days of hackers sending viruses to crash the hard drives of the unsuspecting?

It is only by Your grace that I opened this one, Lord. A Very Special Delivery! And I will be eternally grateful. 

She had picked up my book, Victory in The Valley, at a Mayo Clinic Cancer Center in a major city hundreds of miles from where I live. I have no idea how it got there, Lord. I only know it was another Very Special Delivery by Your hand.

She had received a devastating diagnosis. She was making final treatment plans, beginning on Valentine’s Day. In her weakened condition, she had opted for a lesser treatment than chemotherapy. One the doctors hope will put her in remission.

She’s over 80 years old. She was feeling overwhelmed… when her husband spotted my book and began to read it. They were in the waiting room… waiting for a word from You, Lord. And it came… in the words You had given me. About how You can help her find Victory in her Valley.

She took my book home to read it. Then she wrote her beautiful email to me. I wept, Lord… with awe and gratitude.

“I want to express to you how thoroughly I enjoyed reading your book… I cried when I read your prayer on day one of your chemo. Your prayers are so beautiful and heart felt, and I love the way you incorporate God’s Word… Intimacy with God and faith and trust in Him is what He desires… it’s obvious you have that kind of relationship with Him.

I’ve been a child of God from early childhood… I know He will be with me and lead me and comfort me through yet another season of my life… Your book will surely bless the hearts and minds of all who read it and provide them with much comfort and courage as they face their personal challenges with cancer.”

You gave me even more encouraging words, Lord, as You dictated my response to her email. I heard Your heart prompting, too — to donate some books to the cancer centers in my area.

My prayers for her on Valentine’s Day merged, hours later, into my women’s networking luncheon. I didn’t know the speaker. She presented an historical overview of the major hospital system in our region. A faith-based hospital, whose mission is “to extend the healing ministry of Jesus Christ.”

Why was I not surprised, Lord, when our speaker revealed her title? Director of Spiritual Care. Is she not the perfect person to make sure those books You asked me to donate will be placed wherever You want them?

Very Special Deliveries… all around!  🙂

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight.” (Proverbs 3:5-6)


Abba’s Girl


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