We all have Valleys.
Have you experienced your Victory?

Victory in The Valley

7 Secrets to Overcoming Life’s Worst and Savoring Life’s Best

Worldwide Release Date:
May 1, 2017!

Praise for Victory in The Valley…

Diana Furr proves that we can always trust God, even when we can't always track His footsteps. I will be referring to and recommending her book to any person I know who desperately needs to find purpose in their pain, security in their suffering, or a testimony in their trials.
This book is a must-read.

Dr. Joe Martin, Founder of RealMenConnect.com

Host of The Real Men Connect Podcast, #1-Rated Podcast on iTunes for Christian Men

"As an editor and publisher, I read perhaps 3 million words a year. Many of them are just squiggles of black against a backdrop of white. But the words of this book are “like apples of gold in settings of silver” (Proverbs 25:11). You will treasure and keep them, but you’ll also want to share them with friends."

David B. Biebel, DMin, Minister, Author, Editor, Publisher

Author of CBA Gold Medallion Award-winner, “New Light on Depression” and bestseller, “If God Is So Good, Why Do I Hurt So Bad?”

"This is one of those rare books that is a forever keepsake. It captured my heart from the very first page and never let go! All I can say is – grab it – read it – and come to know an incredible example of perseverance and leadership, and a friend you would love to know even better, spend more time with, and learn from."

Lovingly read - reread - and treasured by Pam Wolf

Entrepreneur, Speaker, Business Success Coach Co-author of “Finding Your God-Given Sweet Spot”

"Diana, thank you for the opportunity to read your manuscript. It describes a remarkable journey of resilience, survival and victory in Jesus.All my best wishes in getting the book published."

Rear Admiral Jane Dalton (Ret.), United States Navy

Former Legal Counsel to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff International Law Professor, U.S. Naval War College

About the Book

Victory in The Valley chronicles Diana’s journey through the Valley of the Shadow of Breast Cancer. Where she discovered it really is true… when faced with the prospect of dying, our whole life does flash before our eyes. For Diana, a lifelong businesswoman, many of those “flash-backs” came from her leadership in the marketplace. And from her earlier years… where she encountered Valleys of other kinds.

The 7 Secrets Diana discovered in her “Valley treks” – and the Secret Revealer she came to know and love – have forever changed the way she lives and leads. They can do the same for you. In these pages, you’ll find some hard-won insights, some load-relieving laughter, some poignant tears, and a mega-dose of Hope. To help you through whatever Valley you may be in right now… or whatever Valley you, unknowingly, are about to enter.

The 7 Secrets – and the Secret Revealer – have forever changed the way Diana lives and leads.

They can do the same for you.

Helping you through
whatever Valley you are in…
… or, unknowingly,
are about to enter.

About the Author

From her blue-collar beginnings, Diana Furr climbed corporate ladders to eventually touch that “rarified” air at the top – as a business leader, consultant, and executive coach to CEOs and leadership teams… in growing nonprofit charities all the way to Fortune 500s. It wasn’t until halfway through her adult life that she met and fell in love with Jesus… finally realizing Who was behind her many successes, and Who had kept her business and professional “valleys” from taking her beyond The Point of No Return.

Now, as Founder of Champions of Destiny, Diana Furr writes, speaks, and provides high-impact leadership and life coaching to Christian Women of Influence – business owners, executives, and ministry leaders throughout the U.S. … inviting these often successful, driven, high-achieving women into a “safe place” where they can be real about the challenges they face – in leadership and life – and be encouraged, equipped and empowered to have the greater impact they’re meant to have… as Ambassadors of the One who has given them their unique and powerful platform.

More Praise for Victory in The Valley…

“With open-hearted vulnerability, Diana Furr invites us into her life.
Through her wonder-filled stories, we can learn secrets that allow us all to be victorious overcomers. 
This book testifies to the living power of Jesus of Nazareth in the life of 
someone who is totally dependent upon and in love with Him. 
Read on, it will be time well spent as you will be blessed.”

Priscilla Flory

‘I am sure that this book will become a soft pillow for the hearts of folks who read it. Thanks for being obedient in the writing.”

Dale Schlafer, Cofounder & President
Center for World Revival & Awakening
Chairman of the Board, Promise Keepers (Inception to 1994)
Senior Pastor, South Fellowship Church, Littleton, CO (22 years)

Victory in The Valley

7 Secrets to Overcoming Life’s Worst and Savoring Life’s Best