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Victory in The Valley chronicles Diana’s journey through the Valley of the Shadow of Breast Cancer. Where she discovered it really is true… when faced with the prospect of dying, our whole life does flash before our eyes. For Diana, a lifelong businesswoman, many of those “flash-backs” came from her leadership in the marketplace. And from her earlier years… where she encountered Valleys of other kinds.

The 7 Secrets Diana discovered in her “Valley treks” – and the Secret Revealer she came to know and love – have forever changed the way she lives and leads. They can do the same for you. In these pages, you’ll find some hard-won insights, some load-relieving laughter, some poignant tears, and a mega-dose of Hope. To help you through whatever Valley you may be in right now… or whatever Valley you, unknowingly, are about to enter.


17 reviews for Victory in The Valley Paperback

  1. Shirley MacKenzie

    Knowing this book was about being a survivor, I expected the story of how her faith in the Lord Jesus, and how the apparent intervention upon her behalf by amazingly timed blessings in her treatment process. There are no “coincidence” when it comes to our lives. God had it planned all along, because she had placed her faith and was so instrumental in the delivery of His blessings through the Samaritan’s Touch medical support for the working poor. I was unprepared, however, for how faith in how Jesus was there for her, pushing her, guiding her, holding her up, placing her in high positions, BEFORE she even knew Him as her Savior! I KNOW that God is fully in control of our lives, and that He only wants the best for us. He KNEW her in the womb, and He had “plans” for her to prosper, so that someday, she would be able to minister His will to others. And, be her strength and comfort as she faced daunting episodes of pain. If anyone says that, everything happens for a purpose, then, I think that is true in this case. God has a plan for ALL of us, and Diana just testifies to how His plan for her life has worked out. I love the book, sent mine to a cousin, ordered another for a friend going through the same kind of thing that Diana did. Thank you, Diana!

    I believe in the almighty power of our Lord Jesus, and, as in the Bible, He placed Joseph, in spite of harm meant to him from his brothers, and evil against him from the Pontiffs wife, in the right place at the right time to insure the furtherance of his family, far, far away.

  2. Ann Gregory Brownell

    Victory in The Valley is a truly spiritual and moving book. Diana has shared her journey with cancer and the Lord. However, in my opinion, this book will help anyone with a need for God, direction, and hopefulness. I found myself in this book and my own Valley. It is an easy read as she entwines her life into the stories. It is a book that one will often return to for reassurance on those “bad” days. I highly recommend it.

  3. John Brown

    Diana tells it like it is for that trip through “The Valley”. I was witness to many of her experiences along her journey, not knowing that it would soon become my trip as well. Her faith was, and is, an inspiration to me as I journey on, cancer free, as she does.
    A must read for anyone facing one of life’s valleys.

  4. Debbie L

    I’ve been waiting for this book, for years! You see, I was one of those special Sistas our Lord and Savior brought into Diana’s life at the right time. When Diana’s cancer journey first began, we met with her to pray and for our Lord to show us what her next medical decisions would be. She always seemed to start our time together by bringing out a notepad, then said, “Let me read to you what the Lord showed me today….” Then she’d read the scriptures that went along with her revelations. We realized Diana had a special gift of journaling her conversations with the Lord about this life threatening journey-we encouraged her to start an on-line blog so others could follow along! You see, she was glowing, smiling, sharing the Peace that passes understanding! We were there to encourage her, but yet she encouraged us!
    Many times I would share her story with others who were battling cancer, or even just in a valley! There was a point where we realized her journal should become a book. But how and when? We waited and waited….
    I recently asked, “Oh, when Lord, will this happen?” I kept meeting people who needed to hear her story, in a concise format….
    The excitement was overwhelming when she recently called me with the news – the book is coming out! She was sending me one of her advance copies. So a few days later, I began to read “Victory in the Valley!” I wanted to read it that night-which I’ve been known to do with a really good book….but the subtitle contained these words, “Savoring Life’s Best” spoke to me. “Savor this book.” It took me a week! By the end of Secret #7, I had to gobble up the “final” chapters….WOW WOW WOW! It was worth the wait!
    I actually finished reading it while waiting in my doctor’s office. As I finished it, I know there is still more to come – I can’t wait for the next book!
    What a shock when a patient came over to me and asked if she could take a picture of the cover-she’s been looking for something to help her go through her Valley. What a blessing I was able to hand her the book I had just finished. It’s a book you will want to share with others. I’m glad I had a spare copy to share!

  5. Jeri Lynne Slaybaugh

    This book puts into words what I have witnessed in Diana’s life, watching her go through this “Victory Valley” with such grace and even exuberance. This morning with my coffee, I held in my hand the book and a bookmark. I didn’t need the bookmark. There was no stopping. As I read, I was suddenly aware of my facial muscles, having been locked into a smile. In addition to being very instructional, I enjoyed the cleverness of writing style. “Flashbacks” and “Fast Forwards.” A delightful read, yet touching deep. A truly important vehicle to display the beautiful workings of God in this life.

  6. Peg Sawyer

    Awesome book! Read it in less thanot two hours .

  7. Shelia Fisher

    I’m a big fan of audio books as I receive so much more emotion from a good narrator. When I read Victory in the Valley, it was much like an audio book experience for me, because I could “hear” Diana’s beautiful voice. She has been a dear friend for many years and we have shared many “valleys’ with each other. But I now have a narrative that gives me new perspective on how Diana came to traverse her unique valleys in a much more empowered way—through her personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Her words are a fresh reminder that one is neither alone nor in control, and she shares her secrets with such love and tenderness, she captures a reader’s heart and soul as she describes how trust in God’s plan can carry us to the safety and beauty of the mountains.

  8. Carolyn Van Ooteghem

    Millions of books have been written to guide us with worldly logic and general principles. A precious few books are available that, empowered by His Holy Spirit, give God’s perspective. Those invaluable insights are received only when the author has delighted in His Word and prioritized abiding in Him.

    Diana Furr invites us to walk with her on her journey to receive God’s perspective when our world is shattered. Victory in the Valley is one of those treasured books that link us with the living God and give us a perspective that is far beyond what our natural responses would be! And yet, we recognize the eternal wisdom and divine truth in each of the seven counter cultural secrets she lists! Her words ring with authority because Diana has walked the path of suffering, heard doctors’ pessimistic words, looked in the mirror at a patchwork quilt body, experienced personal failure – and yet cried out to God with praise and submission and a desire that He use everything for His purposes!

    What a treasure Victory in the Valley is! I most highly recommend this book to everyone who seeks a life that reflects and honors Jesus, in the best of times, and in the worst! You can be assured that God will use this book for His purposes and bless the reader beyond reason!

  9. Kenneth R. Overman

    I had the pleasure of reading Diana’s book cover-to-cover during a recent five-hour plane ride. When I finished, I felt the kind of satisfaction one has after watching a cleansing, spring rain. Diana has done a wonderful job relating her personal, difficult journey in such a way that anyone–whether facing a crisis or merely seeking a deeper understanding of God–will receive strength and inspiration. Her book is an interesting blend of first-person narrative and an open-heart dialogue with the Father that moves the account quickly from page to page. Throughout, she lovingly demonstrates how all children can, and should, have an ongoing, intimate relationship with their Father. I highly recommend Diana’s book to all who seek a deeper knowledge of His great love and presence in our lives. Well done, Diana!
    Kenneth R.Overman: Biographer, Novelist.

  10. Rev.Lucille A. Rutherford

    If you are in a dark, lonely, frightening or empty place (a valley) or, ever have been, or may be in the future, do not miss the blessing of Diana S. Furr’s, first book, VICTORY in the VALLEY: 7 Secrets to Overcoming Life’s Worst and Savoring Life’s Best. Each word, intimate memory, experience so transparently and artistically shared, by way of Flashbacks and Fast Forwards, will speak of your heart. You will want to share Diana’s journeys with Jesus, with family and friends. VICTORY in the VALLEY is a “must read” to be treasured.

  11. Rev.Lucille A. Rutherford

    If you are in valley (a dark, lonely, frightening or empty place) or, have ever been in one, or may be heading into one VICTORY IN THE VALLEY -7 Secrets to Overcoming Life’s Worst and Savoring Life’s Best by Diana S Furr is a “DONT MISS”, must read. Diana shares her intimate journey with transparency and artistry creatively traveling between Flashbacks and Fast Forwards. You will blessed as you travel triumphantly through her battle with breast cancer. You will not only want to read VICTORY IN THE VALLEY, but you will want to share this treasure with family and friends.

  12. Jule Colvin

    Congratulations to Diana Furr for writing this powerful inspirational book! Diana’s unique writing style combined with her deep relationship with Jesus make this a must-read. Diana talks the talk and walks the walk in a way that will deeply inspire and empower her readers. This book provides transformational wisdom while taking the reader on a wild ride through the mountains and valleys of life. I loved this book!

  13. Dayna Carlton

    What an incredible gift this book is to me. I am forever grateful for God’s healing grace in your life Diana. Somehow our lives have become entangled in such beautiful places and through such amazing woman of God. As I read each word on each page there was a yearning for the next word, next idea, next thing that was familiar to my story and the next blessing of realization and thanksgiving. I intend to use what the Lord has given you to encourage others by giving them your book. Some that are going through the valley of cancer and some that are going through other valleys of their own. May God continue to use you to bring His light into this world and to each of us in the way He sees fit. I love you girl! God bless you now and always! Isn’t it wonderful to know that we will eternally be bonded together. Isn’t it wonderful to know that no matter what this life brings we are never alone and that we know the ending. For anyone wondering if this is a book you should read, I say YES! You will be very grateful you did. Dayna B. Carlton, Christ Follower and Servant of the Lord

  14. Cathy McGhee

    I grew up in the church. I’ve been blessed to be surrounded by people of faith my entire life. I’ve known people who have served the Lord with gladness and others who could find the good in everyone and everything. But never have I known anyone who so clearly sees the fingerprints of God on the details of their daily life. Diana Furr speaks of God’s work in her life with a confidence that is awe inspiring. And she joyfully shares her love of her Lord and the promises that are made to all of us.
    This book, a remarkable telling of her walk with the Lord through the challenges of breast cancer and all the steps in her life that brought her to that point, is available on Amazon. Get it in paperback, get it for your Kindle, but make sure you get it and read it. But don’t just read it once, because you will find yourself rushing through it the first time. Read it again, slowly, and look for those “lessons” that will help you find God’s fingerprints on your life. I promise you’ll find a few.

  15. Mary McCormick

    My favorite place to read, think & pray is on the beach. I took Victory in the Valley to the beach yesterday. As my normal practice is to get my space together & talk a walk & talk to God. I walked for an hour, had a great conversation.. lots of Thanks & Praise! I then sat down & opened the book. What an amazing story, and every “Secret” hit home for me. I could relate to a “Valley” in my life.
    I was born & raised a Catholic, 1 of ten children. I feared God & was taught to fear Him. When something bad happened, I was being punished for something bad that I did. I just kept moving forward, going to church every Sunday & pray every day repeating words that I was taught thinking that was going to help me get through this thing called life. NOT!!
    It was not until a few decades later that I learned from a very good friend that if you truly make Jesus Christ your Lord & Savior, you are able to let go, stop being in control & give it up to God, Our Father. The fear goes away, the stress is lifted, there is no such thing as “worries”. I also learned to pray… converse with my Lord & Savior & guess what, He started talking back!! As I went though some very painful “valleys”, he was there to comfort & guide me showing me the way to a better life, a better place in His world.
    As I read this book, it reinforced that belief that our God is a very loving Father, comforting leader, friend & shepherd who takes care of His sheep. Thank You, Diana for this “refresher course” and the Secrets that are so true. One copy will stay with me, the other is being passed on so I can help you help someone else through their “valleys”.

    It turned out to be a beautiful day on the beach.
    Mary McCormick

  16. Vernetta Williams

    In Victory in the Valley, Diana provides an intimate look at the real questions, real doubts, real struggles, real fears, real answers, real growth, real faith and real victories that result when we choose to surrender to God through our difficulties. As I reflect on what I received from Diana’s transparent account of her journey in an unexpected valley, I realized that she provides a modern day example of Jacob wrestling with God. Feeling very much alone, Diana found herself fighting, not only for her life but to understand, to accept, to believe, to be set free. As she grappled, she refused to let go of God until He blessed her; what a lesson for all of us to remember when we are facing challenges: refuse to let go until you receive what God has promised you, even when you experience some physical change in the process…thank you Diana!

  17. Kathleen Kistler

    Cathy Kistler- PA May 19, 2017
    Cancer affects all of us one way or another. Diana’s survival with the Lord is so inspirational. Diana helped me to understand the emotional roller coaster. Good, knowledgeable read.

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