Releasing Leaders to BE and DO
what they were MADE FOR

The caterpillar is a World-Changer in-the-making.

How about you?
She has a Destiny.
Her transformation will be profound as she grows into it.

She, like every Christian woman who owns and/or leads a business or ministry, is a Woman of Influence — called to inspire transformation in her coworkers, company and community.

A power for good in a world that is changing
in profound and, increasingly, problematic ways. 

The cocoon - Is it Friend... or Foe?

She’s accomplished, successful, driven… a “superwoman” to some.
But like everyone else, she has her share of flaws and fears.

And her changing world demands more clarity, confidence and courage than ever
as she shoulders the leadership and serves the lives entrusted to her.

It’s a lot to sort through… and she shares it with almost no one.
Leaving her even more lonely at The Top.
But no one can go it alone…

Cocoons can be cages. Leaders break free.

Leadership transformation is never easy… but always worth it.
And it has never been more vital than right now… in the 21st Century.

When prophecy is becoming Reality.
When past success does not guarantee future Victory.
When whatever hinders must be broken through… so Legacy can emerge.

Because we are heading into uncharted leadership territory… and the
opportunities to impact the world for Christ have never been greater!

The Butterfly emerges...

Breathtaking. Battle-tested. Overcoming. Soaring.

Make no mistake.

She is anything but delicate.
One flap of her wings changes the weather on distant continents.
Tiny swirls become mighty hurricanes.
Such a small creature to be a world-changer.
But she’s just a metaphor.

Yes, the metaphor fits. But YOU are destined for so much more!

There’s nothing small about the person and leader You are made to be…
or about Your Destiny to impact the world for Christ like no one else can.

For such a time as this... come what may.

You are... Made to be UNIQUE. Called to be UNSTOPPABLE.

And YOU CAN BE ... even MORE than you already ARE!

Is the world changing in ways that challenge and/or trouble you as a Christian Leader?

Are you sharpening your Leadership prowess with cutting-edge 21st Century research… honed by the Sword of the Spirit?

Does advancing God’s Kingdom through your Leadership platform ignite your passion
at least as much as advancing your enterprise’s bottom line?

Are you consistently strengthening and expanding your core Leadership competencies? Is God-intimacy one of them?

Are you willing (in a safe place) to be real and sort through whatever has you stuck…
so you can chart practical plans to get you – and those you influence – moving forward?

And do you sense the urgency of the days we are in?
For One-of-a-Kind, Called Leaders – like YOU – to accelerate their impact for Christ
at a time when the practical risks and eternal returns have never been greater? 

Your Destiny is God-given.
If you don't become the Champion of it... who will?
No one else can.

And KNOW this:

It depends on God... but it is up to you.

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A Champion of Destiny!

For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord…

Jeremiah 29:11