Civil Discourse? Or Civil War?

On Wednesday, I wrote about the increasingly ferocious rhetoric that characterizes much of our political discourse today. I couldn’t help but pose these troubling questions: What kind of rhetoric (and the response it provokes) leads people from polite disagreement to empassioned persecution of those with whom we disagree? How does it start? Where does it

If Only We Could Remember… Kindergarten?

Do any of us remember what we were taught in kindergarten? Young parents at least know what their children are being taught now. If they’re paying attention, that is. Maybe some of it is more rattling than reassuring… ?! Fifteen years ago, Robert Fulghum turned a simple concept into a national bestseller: All I Really Need

One HOPE Bouquet, Please!

Did you know different flowers actually have meanings? Yellow Daffodils symbolize Hope and Rebirth. Could I please order a whole bouquet of them today?!   🙂 Nineteen days ago, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled on behalf of Jack Phillips, the Colorado baker. Overturning the decision of the Colorado Civil Rights Commission, which found Jack guilty

Dream… Or No Dream?

What does dreaming have to do with deliverance? Maybe nothing. Maybe everything. Last night, I dreamed about Andrew Walker — the popular Hallmark movie star. Hallmark – “The Heart of TV.” No surprise there. I saw him last night, in a new movie that aired for the first time. What surprised me was our encounter. He

Breaking Out… For Beauty’s Sake!

Is anything more beautiful than freedom? One of our founding fathers, Patrick Henry, said: “Give me liberty or give me death!”,_or_give_me_death!  In a way, Jesus Christ said the opposite: “Give Me death, so I can give you liberty!”  Amen? I found a beautiful Kingdom POWER resource last night. I planned to blog about it this morning. Except

Honoring the True Galaxy Guardian

How difficult might it be for anyone to become (and remain) a faith-full Christian in a wealth-exploding, idol-making, temptation-hounding place like Hollywood? Ask Chris Pratt. Highest-grossing actor in 2014, making $1.2 billion between leads in Guardians of the Galaxy and The Lego Movie. In 2015, Chris starred in Jurassic World. And made Time Magazine’s “100 List” — the

A Woman After My Own Hair… & Heart!

As a cancer survivor, I really appreciate my hair. I certainly don’t take it for granted. Baldness brought on by Big Guns Chemo has a way of giving a person perspective.  Amen?  🙂 Sarah Breedlove had that perspective. Her troubles with scalp disorders and intermittent baldness had nothing to do with cancer. But they had

The Promise & Peril of Small Packages

What single women doesn’t catch her breath when the man of her dreams — the real man, the love of her life — pulls a small velvet box out of his pocket in a super-romantic moment?  🙂 Actually, diamonds aren’t (like that old slogan said), “A girl’s best friend.” Her real best friend is the

Resurrecting Titanic Power

A lot of “wanna be” power surrounded the Titanic. Prideful boasting: The greatest of all ships! Unsinkable! Oh, well. So much for prideful boasts. But isn’t that the point? “… the tongue is a small part of the body, but it makes great boasts… The tongue also is… a world of evil among the parts of

Cheap Peeps and Tweets?

What does a chicken say? Peep Peep Peep. How do you get a Cheap Peep? Just use a smart phone app to pay for your favorite chicken sandwich at your favorite fast-food chicken restaurant. A Cheap Peep. With a Quick Chick Click. Say that six times real fast… Yikes!  🙂 Voila! A 10% discount! A real deal…