Putting Your $$$ Where Your Faith Is? – Part 2

Imagine Jesus sitting by you as you review monthly statements from your investment accounts. He is, you know. You just can’t see Him in the flesh.

Imagine He sees your great ROI, in appreciation and dividends, because your companies are “rockin’ it.” Turning the five “bags of gold” He entrusted to you into ten.

You’re expecting His “Well done!” Like He gave it to successful investors in Matthew 25:14-30. So… Why isn’t He smiling?

Worse yet, why is He grimacing?

I know why.

I didn’t ten months ago, when I first wrote about this topic. I only know now because the Lord wanted me to… so He intervened in a personal way that got my attention.

Last May, I wrote about a news item of interest to Christian business Owner/CEOs. Biblically-Responsible Investing (BRI).


Looking not only at an investment’s dollar return, but also the company’s DNA. Do they operate their business and invest their profits in ways that would earn the Lord’s Stamp of Approval?

What a concept!

I referenced Beacon Wealth Consultants (http://www.beaconwealth.com)… and went on my way. Until January 2019, eight months later, when I received a Divinely-orchestrated email.

From Cassandra Laymon, President of Beacon Wealth. She just “happened” to come across my old blog post. She wanted to thank me for writing about BRI.

Really? Only God!

A lot has happened since then. Cassandra and I met more personally when we exchanged our books. Her title? “I Found Jesus in The Stock Market.” Don’t miss it! (Available on Amazon).

You won’t find a lotto system with a spiritual veneer, promising you the next market sensation. You will find Cassandra’s priceless journey of faith as she wrestled with the deeper ethical implications of her chosen career.

And you’ll find a detailed, practical guide that will empower you to bring your investment portfolio into closer alignment with the Lord’s own heart.

True Stewardship. On steroids.

Before we met, there was a lot I didn’t know about all this. I didn’t know the DNA of the companies I own as a shareholder. Now that I know more, I can declare with conviction:

What you don’t know can hurt you.

Cassandra graciously (at no cost) put my investments through Beacon’s BRI screening tools. She’ll do the same for any Christian business Owner/CEO who contacts her. Just email her at [email protected].

What I learned blessed me… and broke my heart.

Half of the companies I invest in passed the screens. One was even a Shining Light! BUT…

half failed. Because they actively engage in the abortion industry, pornography distribution and promotion of anti-family lifestyles.


Fortune 500 companies. Darlings on Wall Street. Names that would shock you.

Cassandra just informs. She never pushes. And she wisely advises, for tax and other reasons, to not immediately divest of conscience-troubling companies.

But the information begs two questions:

How much is that “gold” really worth if it was earned by companies that betray people and principles the Lord holds dear?


What are you willing to do about it?

What say you?

Diana S. Furr, AfC, MBA, Founder, Champions of Destiny

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