The Power of BELIEVING

Today’s “encounter” with You, Lord, had nothing to do with nature.  In fact, it was beyond “nature” or anything “natural.”  It was supernatural.   I wasn’t “doing” anything.  I was simply reading Your Word.  Amazing how something so simple can become so profound.  Almost as if it [Your Word] had its own agenda.  It did…

My Nickname is “Broken Record”

That’s me all right… “Broken Record.”  It’s true on so many levels… !!! How many times have I said the following words to You, Lord?  “You take my breath away!”  “You never cease to amaze me!”  “You fill my cup to overflowing!”  And how often have they been true?  At least once, every single day?! Like

Hook, Line & Sinker!

“I surrender.” For many, these are considered words of weakness or defeat.  An acknowledgement that superior forces have gained more than just the advantage… they have gained the victory. But when I say them to You, Lord, they are words of strength.  How can this be? “My grace is sufficient for you, for My power is made perfect

Fish On!!!

Ninety-one degrees in the shade.  Shade fleeting, but welcome, under the bimini of our Mako 17.  Sweat dripping off me… everywhere. My tenth fish slipping happily back into the Rappahannock River, freed from my hook.  Because, truth be told, it was too small… and, besides, the cooler was already too full of my “keepers.” Happy

Heavenly Smells, Earthly Blessings!

What do honeysuckle and butterflies have in common? Today, they came together as Evidence of Answered Prayers. After a steady, soaking rain that lasted all night, we decided to take our bike ride early today.  In the cool of the morning, before the possibility of hotter temperatures and more rain became reality. We were well into


You knew the burden that was on my heart today, Lord.  A burden I see weighing too many people down.  A burden I know You want to lift. Since You so often speak to me through nature, I wondered what in nature could possibly be a picture of this burden.  Immediately, You gave me the answer:

Cutting Me Down to Size?!

Our side yard is a butterfly magnet.  At least, it was last summer. You know how much I love butterflies, Lord!  So You filled the side yard of our mountain retreat with Butterfly Bushes.  Last summer, they were a favorite “hang out” for countless winged beauties! Today, they had only two words in their vocabulary.  Two words they

Where’s Paul Harvey Hiding?

We “celebrated” Pentecost at church today. I put quotes around that word because I kept waiting for the pastor to pull a Paul Harvey.  Paul was famous for giving us “the rest of the story.”  Today, it seemed that an important part of The Story — the truly supernatural part — was left out… as if it

Is There a Doctor in the House?

“We must deal with the world as it is, not as we might wish it to be.” Sounds right, I guess.  Sounds… responsible.  Deal with reality.  No wishful thinking.  But does “dealing with the world” mean agreeing with it?  Becoming more like it? I guess it all depends on your perspective.  What is Your perspective,

Celebrating LIFE!!!

Precious Abba! Woo Hoo!!!  I am now 28 years old!  Or, rather, 28 years young… particularly in light of Eternity. In biological terms, I am much older than that… 63, to be exact.  The 28 refers to my most important “birthday” — the day I was born into Your Family, and You welcomed me as