Poor Man’s Peloton?

It has been too long, Lord.

Too long between those precious times of putting my heart on paper. When You have surprised me with Joy Unspeakable. When You have filled me with Hope Unquenchable.

Like this morning.

It was a simple thing, really. Simple for You, that is. No amount of human orchestration — neither the most genius of intellects nor the most adept of planners — could have made possible what You did, Lord.

With Grace Unmatchable.

I was walking into the sanctuary at church. Eager to meld my solitary worship of You this morning with the collective worship of whichever brothers and sisters of faith might gather.

That’s when I saw her. A beloved sister-in-Christ who ministers to women behind bars.

A woman for whom I (and many others) pray regularly. Even as we pray for those dear ones she sees face-to-face. In that place where Hope seems to enter all too sparingly.

We hugged. Then before we knew what was happening, You hugged us both.  🙂

She asked me to pray for a woman she had seen Friday. A woman who is headed for an extended stay in a state prison. The woman had asked her for something beyond her reach.

But not beyond Yours, Lord.

Her husband needs a bicycle. Not a fancy Peloton to exercise with a live coach in some faroff place. He needs it to get to his job. So he can care for himself… and their children.

He has no car. But who needs a car when they have You, Lord?

You brought a very special servant’s name immediately to mind. He is certainly dear to me. More importantly, he loves you with all his heart. And You have given him to a very unique ministry.

If he’s reading this, he already knows he is Your answer to this woman’s prayer. I’m just the messenger. You, Lord, are always and forever The Message.

You have The Answer to every question. You are The Solution beyond every need. Not a Genie in a Bottle. Not a Quick Fix. But a Faithful, Steadfast Friend whose mercies are new every morning.

I gave my sister this dear brother’s name and phone number on the spot. They may have already connected. If not, Your timing to connect them, Lord, will be perfect.

Meanwhile, I am left marveling once again at all that had to happen for my sister and I to meet this morning. I rarely see her at church. If I had left my home one minute earlier or later, I would have missed her altogether.

Instead, we are both thanking You with awestruck hearts. And tears of gratitude. Soon, others will be too. For now, I feel compelled to write these words. In the hope that others may also be encouraged by…

Your Joy Unspeakable… Your Hope Unquenchable… and Your Grace Unmatchable.


Abba’s Girl

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