Putting Your $$$ Where Your Faith Is?


I don’t know anything about the company I describe today. But its premise resonates deeply with me. So I’m sharing it here as an intriguing resource for any who want to check it out… at your own risk.  🙂

LightPoint Kingdom(k) retirement plan targets Christian business owners. It’s a retirement platform centered around Biblically Responsible Investments (BRI) for 401(k) plans and beyond.

LightPoint was introduced by Beacon Wealth Consultants (Beacon).  http://www.beaconwealth.com/  Their vision? To ignite a movement of Biblically Responsible Investing. Why? In their own words:

We believe that every Christ follower should at the very least be presented the opportunity to invest his/her resources in a manner that is in alignment with and honors their faith…  AND

… that Biblically Responsible Investing (Investing that seeks to please and glorify God as an act of worship) should be the normal mainstream way that Christians invest their God-given resources…

Our Mission And Vision

What’s not to love?  🙂

Beacon imagines the transformation that would occur in our culture if Christians en mass shifted their investment strategy:

… when Christians en mass divest themselves of the trillions of dollars invested in companies whose business practices clearly violate God’s Word, it will cut off the economic oxygen to those violating companies thereby causing them to change…

Imagine, if you will, creating a godly culture movement in corporate America by redeploying those same investment dollars into companies that are creating blessing in the world and the powerful impact that could have upon our families and communities. We can take back the gates of commerce!

Can I get an AMEN?!   🙂

When CEO Rick Laymon started Beacon in 1997, he had never even heard of Biblically Responsible Investing. Two godly older men challenged him to consider the moral implications of the companies we invest in and profit from.

In his personal statement on Beacon’s website, Rick notes his shock at discovering that “more than half of the S&P 500 [were] involved in the abortion industry, pornography and promoting anti-family lifestyles.”  http://www.beaconwealth.com/our-story/

Over time, Beacon’s investment strategy grew. From avoiding evil to proactively seeking out exemplary companies who live the Golden Rule in their business practices and endeavor to create blessing in the world.

I have personally considered this approach in my charitable giving for years. Wanting to support organizations that are meeting tangible needs in people’s lives while also sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ in impactful ways.

Yet I must admit: I hadn’t really considered this approach when considering my investment dollars.

Sure, I’ve looked for ethical, well-run companies that provide a good ROI to shareholders. But I can honestly say I have never looked more deeply into the fabric of those companies to ensure they are Biblically-responsible.

Guess there’s no time like the present to start. Amen?

How about you?

What’s your experience with Biblically Responsible Investing?

Please post your comments below.

Diana Furr, a.k.a. Abba’s Girl

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