Wet & Wild! (Whew!)

First thing this morning, I asked what You wanted me to write about today, Lord. Something that would give You glory.

I didn’t realize Your answer would come through a God-encounter. Of the (almost) Life and Death kind.

We decided to go fishing before church. Before most people were even awake. When fish (if we could find any) would certainly be ready for breakfast.

We started at our favorite large pool, where two rivers meet. Recent rains had elevated both rivers, but not as bad as we’ve seen before. Wearing our chest waders and fishing boots, we entered the waters and crossed without incident.

Regrettably, that place turned out to be totally without incident. Not a single bite. We decided to try a new spot upriver. Requiring a short truck ride and hike through woods.

Striding against the current, we reached and scaled the rocky shoreline… then drove to our new destination.

We trekked to the next riverbank and saw it. The sought-after pool where trout might be waiting. But first, we had to wade across the river. Through a place I would later name Neverland.

Neverland. As in, impossible… but for God’s Amazing Grace.

Fierce flooding from recent storms had shifted the river’s flow into a narrow chute. We could see the current was swift. We just couldn’t discern its strength. Or its depth.

Should we… or shouldn’t we?

Choice is a powerful thing… isn’t it, Lord? Because every choice we make has consequences.

We chose to cross. I went first. No… Thankfully, You did, Lord. If You hadn’t, I wouldn’t be here writing this post.

I stepped in, metal staff firmly in hand. Acting as it should, like a third leg. For balance. I quickly realized the most I could do was shuffle my feet. Using all of my strength to shift no more than two inches. One foot at a time.

Suddenly, I was over my knees in rushing water. Rushing so hard, I couldn’t move anymore. Marshalling all of my strength, I was barely able to remain upright.

I was keenly aware how little it would take — one false move — to be swept downriver.

I spotted a tree limb, just beyond my reach. My only hope to make it safely across. I leaned forward, into the current. And with a stretch I didn’t know was in me — a stretch of Faith — I grabbed hold.

Instantly, power infused my body. I was no longer puny and overwhelmed. I was Wet & Wild! And soon, safely across. Energized! Victorious!


Because that limb was connected to a massive tree… whose roots ran deep.

Just like You, Lord. Almighty God. My Rock. My Deliverer. Whenever I’m in over my head. Or standing against forces threatening to overwhelm me.

If only I will… Admit my weakness. Trust Your Strength. Reach for You by faith… and grab hold. Because every choice we make has consequences.

Oh, Beloved… What a beautiful, worship-full Sanctuary that riverbed was today!

Abba’s Girl

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