This Coffee is Extra-HOT!

Hot… and bitter, too.

Cafe Justice is a small coffeeshop at the courthouse in Rancho Cucamonga, California. For the past eleven years its owners — Carlo Magno and his wife — have been serving hot coffee and warm muffins to the people who frequent the courthouse.

Plaintiffs. Defendants. Staffers. Attorneys. Judges. Now, the latter two — attorneys and judges — will determine the cafe’s business future.

Throughout its history, Cafe Justice has decorated its walls with inspirational Christian messages. Their playlist, adding music to their ambiance, includes contemporary Christian songs. Carlo explains why:

“Every day we open our cafe — our endeavor is to be able to not just serve the best products that we can, but also encourage people who might be going through a rough time.”

Cafe Justice has been a place a peace — a little oasis where those in the stress-filled courthouse can come for a brief respite. But now, stress has invaded the Cafe.

This is BREAKING NEWS you won’t see on national cable shows. But it’s SIGNIFICANT NEWS. Happening in a place not on most people’s radar screens. Todd Starnes and John Chiv have both blogged about this in recent days (March 23 and 26, 2018). AND

According to Todd Starnes’ coverage…

“Last October, the cafe’s religious music and inspirational decor triggered microaggressions among local atheists. A complaint was filed with the San Bernardino County Department of Real Estate Services, the cafe’s landlord. A few weeks later the Magnos were notified that their location was going to be put up for public bid status.” 

Mr. Magnos reported: “We were encouraged to include in our proposal for bid, that we would not play our religious music or have any religious decorations.”

In January, the Magnos were notified that their bid had been denied. Mr. Magnos hired an attorney to fight back, initiating litigation against the County San Bernardino Real Estate Services. The Magnos believe they are the victims of religious discrimination. Reportedly, numerous judges and attorneys have signed a petition urging the county landlord to reconsider its decision.

If nothing changes, Todd Starnes concludes the Magnos are “about to be evicted.”

Please pray that Cafe Justice will not be left with bitter coffee grounds.

What words of encouragement would you offer… to sweeten their cup right now?

What outcome would be true to this Cafe’s name — Justice?

Please post your comments below.

Diana Furr, a.k.a. Abba’s Girl

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  • Debbie L says:

    Oh how sad. But in the end, our Lord will be glorified! Praying for the owners – for financial stability if they lose this location (but our Lord May have some place better for them) and for their customers! Oh how we loved our own Brewster’s in Sebring! Especially the young people to have such an encouraging and wholesome place to hang out and have Bible studies. I know Brewster’s is missed as will Cafe Justice if evil wins another battle. Thankfully we know who will win the War! ?

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