Surprised by JOY!

Yes, Lord… Tis the season to be JOY-FULL! How better to spread the WONDER and BLESSING of this most precious season than to BE a living testimony of that priceless hymn?

“Joy to the world! The Lord has come!”

Your Spirit came on me suddenly as my day of travel began, making my JOY Mission abundantly clear. And You filled me with encouraging words, smiles, hugs (and even a few tangible gifts!) for the van drivers, airport workers, flight attendants and passengers I met along the way.

All of them strangers. Until You, Lord, brought us together…

… the newlyweds on their way to a loved one’s college graduation…

… the woman You had me greet in such an unusual (crazy?!) way, it provoked her belly laugh…

… the curbside baggage folks who gratefully receives my “Merry Christmas!” (+ candy cane) greeting…

… the breast cancer survivor who “just happened to” sit next to me in the lobby 🙂  (neither one of us anticipating in advance the blessing You had planned for us)…

… the young couple cuddling their newborn and each other in the last row of the plane, huddled together in the cozy darkness. I couldn’t help but whisper out loud “I wish I had their camera so I could take a picture of them.” To my surprise, the young mother heard me… and suddenly, I had her camera in my hand, taking that priceless portrait. One she could not have taken (or even seen) on her own, Lord. So You sent me to the restroom at the perfect moment…

… and so many more!

“Surely You have granted [me] unending blessings and made [me] glad with the JOY of Your Presence.”   (Psalm 21:6)

What a precious lesson, Lord, about how CONTAGIOUS we each are… all day, every day. The only question is: What are people catching from us?

Oh, Abba… Fill us with Your JOY until we overflow! Captivating others until they wonder where they can find that JOY for themselves… and we can tell them about YOU!


Abba’s Girl


  • Debbie L says:

    What a blessings full day!!!! Isn’t it amazing to see the responses to our JOY as we randomly share it! I’ll never forget you blessing me with so much joy that one year….and how it’s “stuck” with me all these years!

    • Diana Furr says:

      Wow! I am thanking the Lord for your comments, Debbie… and for the beauty and power of Christ that they reflect. His JOY is truly our strength, in any and every circumstance… Amen?! xoxo

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