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On Monday, I shared some interesting research data that illuminates the intersection between physicians and faith. See

The study revealed that, although a high percentage of physicians believe in God and attend religious services at least occasionally, 61% say they “try to make sense” of a difficult situation and “decide what to do without relying on God.”

What about physicians who fall into the other 39%? Those who do turn to God as they make medical decisions and address dificult cases? A number of physicians in Illinois and Hawaii are finding just how challenging a proposition this can be.

In September 2017, the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) filed three complaints with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services on behalf of pregnancy care centers and pro-life physicians in the above-referenced states. These physicians and organizations are being forced to advertise for the abortion industry.

Illinois state law SB 1564 compels these health professionals to violate their medical oaths in both speech and action. Specifically, pro-life physicians and pregnancy centers are compelled under this law to make three abortion-related assertions to pregnant women. 1) The names of doctors they believe offer abortions. 2) That abortion has unspeciified “benefits.” And 3) that abortion is a “treatment option” for pregnancy.

A similar state law in Hawaii — SB 501 — impacts pro-life pregnancy care centers offering prenatal care and/or free ultrasounds. They are required to direct women to state agencies that provide abortion referrals.

And not just direct them to such agencies. The pregnancy centers must post large signs (and/or fliers) advertising free or low-cost access to the state’s “comprehensive planning services” — including abortion-inducing drugs — along with Internet and telephone contact information.

ADF’s Legal Counsel Elissa Graves notes, “Government officials shouldn’t be allowed to force anyone to provide free advertising for the abortion industry… federal law simply doesn’t allow it. States that compel pro-life doctors and staff to act contrary to their conscience do not qualify for federal funds. We have filed these complaints to inform HHS of what is happening so that it can take action.”

There’s a key strategy — hitting them at their funding source.

IMPORTANT! Illegality of a government body’s actions does not prevent it from engaging in such illegality. Nor does the unconstitutionality of a state law passed in direct conflict with both the state and U.S. Constitutions (as is the case here).

It is the courage of people of faith who are willing to go against the flow of the culture. Who are willing to say “NO” when their religious liberties are trampled. And to take their fight to the civil powers that be, with the help of legal advocacy firms like ADF.

What do the depth and breadth of the attacks we’ve been seeing here suggest to you about the days we are in… and the road ahead?

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