Business Leader… Or Lunatic ???

Joe Greene was President of Hospital Operations at Humana. A Fortune 500 company. But he really wanted to run a company strictly on the basis of biblical principles.

To prove that they would work.

So he founded his own company, Hospital Management Associates in 1977 (later known as Health Management Associates (HMA). With a vision to operate numerous general acute care hospitals.

“Most people thought I was doomed to fail. Yet no one could tell me exactly which biblical principles wouldn’t work for running a company.”

One example is legendary Joe recognized a principle in Proverbs that inspired an accounting practice he says “would disturb most Chief Financial Officers.” It’s the principle of not using money owed to someone else.

So… Joe insisted on paying every vendor’s invoice within 24 hours of receiving it.

Most entrepreneurs might have thought he was crazy. But Joe’s radical practice elicited an unsolicited offer from a large vendor. He wanted to invest in Joe’s expansion by providing investment capital.

Joe turned him down. He didn’t need the money. But it must have encouraged him, after all the naysayers had called for his failure. This vendor was proving his point: Joe’s practical application of biblical principles led to a well-run enterprise exhibiting integrity.

Joe’s company grew into a multi-million-dollar operation before going public. When Joe retired, he didn’t put his biblical wisdom on a shelf to collect dust. Instead, Joe founded the CEO Fellowship (based in Brentwood, Tennessee).

Its mission? To advance the kingdom of God by equipping and encouraging Christian business leaders to operate their businesses on biblical principles. Providing teaching, fellowship, prayer, mentoring, accountability and example.

Joe’s basic tenets are simple:

God wants to be glorified in all aspects of a Christian’s life, including business.

God has provided principles for success as illustrated in the Bible.

The Bible is God’s knowledge and wisdom for efficiently serving vendors, employees and customers.

Jesus is the best mentor of effective personal and organizational leadership.

Every business should be Christ Centered and Vision Driven.

Christian Executives should pray for and encourage one another.

Any questions?  🙂  If so, here’s another resource.

Joe’s long-awaited book was released last year. In Dare to Succeed:  Experience the Satisfaction of Doing Business by The Book, Joe challenges Christians entrepreneurs to look to the Bible for success in operating their businesses. To turn their for-profit business into a prosperous operation and a powerful ministry for the Gospel.

HMA’s race to success was not without its share of speed bumps. Eventually, some of its much-needed turnaround occurred after Joe’s retirement.

But God never promised us an easy path… did He?

Which of Joe’s basic tenets resonates most with you?

In the business you own? And/or in any business you’d be inclined to frequent as a customer?

Please post your comments below.

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