A Masquerade? Or The Real Deal?

Every day for the past three days, Lord, I have asked You for great favor.

For us and for our fishing guides. Here in Sioux Lookout, Ontario. An abundance of Your favor that would glorify You and be a witness of Your Amazing Grace.

Why am I not surprised that You did exactly that?!   🙂

Thank You, Lord. The fishing has been amazing! (Of the fin kind, too. Isn’t the best fishing, after all, of the spiritual kind?)

We’ve had two guides. The first guy, though young, is pretty experienced. In his 20s. Started fishing shortly after he learned to walk. (Almost). 🙂

We had a great day on the water, catching lots of walleye. Then he said something so profound, I had to write it down. So I wouldn’t forget.

“Going nowhere… but getting somewhere.”

He was describing his life right now. He isn’t sure what he wants to do… except leave this town he grew up in. He wants to go… everywhere.

He spends most of his time hanging out with his buddies. Doing nothing. Liking it. “Going nowhere… but getting somewhere.”

How true this is for so many people, Lord. It was for me, for so long. Before You came along.

Because the truth is, until we find You — and welcome You into our hearts — we’re all going nowhere fast. And nowhere really is a somewhere. Though, without You, it isn’t a somewhere we want to be.

Our second guide is Ojibway — a tribe of the First Nations. In his late 30’s. A Master fisherman (having achieved numerous awards for trophy fish of various species).

You wouldn’t leave me alone, Lord. You wanted me to ask him about his spiritual journey. He dropped a couple of veiled hints. He’s on a quest.

So, today, I invited him to share… if he was willing. And he told me what he has told few others.

He’s lived a rough life. Rough enough that he was critically injured in a fight. He actually died… for ten minutes. He described his experience on “the other side.”

He saw and heard things that changed his life. He was told to return to Earth. His work was not finished. He was given a message to share.

He said the voice was Yours, Lord. “God.” Was it? Or was it someone pretending to be You?

There was no time or opportunity to learn more of what was said to him. To discern whether it rang with Truth. Or not.

Will the message lead people closer to You, Lord? Or away from You? Important to know. Because sometimes Satan masquerades as an angel of light.

But our fishing all three days? Spectacular! More action than either guide is accustomed to having.

Why am I not surprised?  🙂

It was You, Lord, giving us great favor. Because I had asked You…. and You had clearly said, Yes! So I told them about You. In various ways during our time together.

Now… It’s Your move, Lord. Thanks for letting me be a tiny part of their journey!


Abba’s Girl


  • Shirley MacKenzie says:

    God gives us many opportunities, to share Him with others, and we must be ready to share! Studying His word is important, so that we KNOW what it says, but if we don’t feel comfortable with our knowledge, we can share OUR experience to others, nobody can argue with that! He has been my guide and Savior every day of my life, and I praise His Holy Name, Jesus!

    • Diana Furr says:

      Amen, Shirley. The key, it seems to me, is having real experiences with the Lord. Being open to them, embracing them… and through them, embracing Him. Our faith must move from our heads into our hearts. The Lord’s love is contagious! Have we caught it? Are we spreading it to others?

  • Debbie L says:

    Amazing! And we know everyone has a story! I love hearing others stories and then praise God when I’m asked to share mine! Oh to draw people to our Lord of Lord, King of Kings! But it’s a process that needs time and patience. My husband often wishes we had a tool of some sort to hand people that we only have a minute with….but we do, it’s sharing God’s Love and then pray for them. But Bill wants something tangible but that’s up to God! Our Pastor challenged us to remember how we came to the Lord….that’s how we want to draw others. And it was love, God using others to pour His love into us! Praying for these two young men!

    • Diana Furr says:

      Thanks, Debbie. Yes, what a joy it is to draw others to the Lord who loves us all so much! And I’m with you: Love is the key. Sometimes we express that love by doing (or being) what the world does not (or is not). Amen? It begs the question: Why do you that? Why are you like you are? Then we can answer… by accounting for The Hope we have (with gentleness and respect). 🙂 If Bill wants a tangible tool, there are lots of tracts available. You could have a collection of many kinds and pick whichever one the Holy Spirit moves you to use in the moment.

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