Squandering or Supersizing Power?

I received a disturbing email today.

With my focus on religious liberty in the marketplace, I see so many examples where Christian business owners run afoul of duly-enacted (and unduly-enforced) laws and government regulations.

This email strikes at the heart of this issue.

The email referenced an article by Rev. William Cook, Founder and CEO of America’s Black Robe Regiment. “An association of clergy actively engaged in restoring Liberty in America, and the Legacy of the American pulpit as Wellspring of the political ideology that ignited a Revolution and won Liberty.”


Rev. Cook starkly suggests how Christians have squandered, for decades, much of their power to shape our culture. How does he do this? By claiming that 50% of Christians in the U.S. are not registered to vote. And another 25% who are registered do not bother to vote.

That’s 75% of Christians in this country???  Does this shock you (as it did me)?

I recommend you read Rev. Cook’s article.  https://vachristian.org/shepherds-surrendering-the-vote-to-the-sons-of-disobedience/


… his level of success in engaging Virginia pastors to encourage their congregations to register and vote. (This, too, is disturbing. His lack of success, that is).

… his description of our historical framework for church engagement in political action.

… his 1-minute, 40-second video with its compelling call to action.

… AND the powerful prophetic word he received from the Lord.

Could there be a stronger exhortation concerning our elections in November 2018 and beyond?

Prior to a variety of pastoral positions over sixteen years, Rev. Cook worked for various corporations supporting the Intelligence community, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA)

He founded the Black Robe Regiment of Virginia in September 2012 to mobilize efforts to restore America’s Christian heritage, and the Church’s vital leadership and influence within government.

If Rev. Cook’s statistics are true, they beg these challenging questions:

Who are we allowing (inviting and empowering) to elect people to represent us at local, state and/or national levels…and pass new laws to govern our individual and collective behavior?

On what moral basis will those new laws be determined, if three of every four Christians abdicate their privilege to vote for candidates with a biblical worldview?

How can we keep from squandering our power as Christians… and, instead, supersize it?

Which Christians will you encourage to register and vote in November?

What say you?

Please post your comments below.

Diana Furr, a.k.a., Abba’s Girl

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  • Shirley MacKenzie says:

    A great article with a boatload of truth to it! Too many people can’t be bothered to vote, and we encouraged some of those to vote in the presidential election, and that DID make a difference, but the battle is not over. The evil that is coming out from those who appose the duly elected president is alarming. Encourage, make the case and get out and vote. Your country is depending on you!

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