From Toddlers… to Titans!

Most of us have little chance of meeting the Business Titan I highlight today. On Earth, at least. Not that he would consider himself superior. It’s just the nature of the different calls the Lord has for each of us… Amen?

“For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works which God prepared in advance for us to do.”   (Ephesians 2:10)

Strive Masiyiwa has been doing some amazing good works since he fell hard for Jesus. Many people ask him why the Lord has accomplished so much in his life. His reply?

Just after I was saved, I had an amazing hunger for the Lord. I bought a Bible and read it in two weeks flat. … I went looking for everything I could find. Among the things I found was an interview of Kathryn Kuhlman being interviewed by Oral Roberts.

[When asked why the Lord had done so much in her life, she replied] ‘I was prepared to pay the price.’ [After this, Masiyiwa said] ‘Lord, I’ll pay the price.’

Born in Zimbabwe, Africa, Strive returned there after completing secondary education in Scotland and earning an Electrical Engineering degree from the Univeristy of Wales. He set up his own company with the equivalent of $75.00. In just five years, he emerged as one of his country’s leading industrialists.

When mobile cellular technology emerged, he decided to diversify into telecoms. But the Zimbabwean Government of Robert Mugabe would not license his company, Econet Wireless. Strive appealed to the Constitutional Court of Zimbabwe, asserting this violated his “freedom of expression.”

After a 5-year legal battle, the Court agreed. This victory not only busted a state monopoly, it spurred the development of private telecoms across the continent.

Econet Wireless has now been called “Zimbabwe’s most successful corporation.”  With Strive becoming ” Zimbabwe’s richest man.”   Forbes estimates his personal net worth at $1.83 billion.  AND

But his service to others stands out the most. He is well-known and highly-esteemed for his passion to transform countless lives. He and his wife created the Higher Life Foundation, through which they personally fund school expenses for over 40,000 children who are orphans and/or living in poverty.

He has also used his personal wealth to fund 100,000 scholarships for young Africans, and to sponsor many students at universities in America.

Recently, he has been trying to stem the huge tide of migration from Africa to Europe, urging young people not to risk their lives crossing the Mediterranean. He’s creating jobs and encouraging entrepreneurship.

Turning other toddlers into titans, too? Takes one to know one!  🙂

How does he do it?!

He espouses five business and life lessons: 1) Identify a human need and reach out to meet it. 2) Be patient and relentless; never give up. 3) Work hard and stay focused. 4) Pray hard. 5) Give back.

My personal favorite? He reads his Bible at least 4 hours a day — if he’s busy!

Any questions?  🙂

What say you?

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