Maybe my name isn’t really Diana after all.  Could it be that it’s really Alice, Lord?  That’s certainly how it has seemed these last few days!

Like I fell down a rabbit hole and ended up in DownUnderLand.  The place where…

… automobile steering wheels are on the right side.  (As opposed to the “wrong” side???)

… automobiles drive on the left side.  (As opposed to the “right” side???)

… baggage trickles in from distant countries, One-at-a-time, Days apart.  With interior contents — clothes included — soaking wet???

Thankfully, though, it is ALSO the place where…

… we finally got to visit with the family we had come so far to see!  A shorter-than-planned visit, thanks to our various travel delays, but a good one, nonetheless!

Arriving just in time for Christmas Eve dinner, at a harbor-side restaurant… with the Sydney Opera House as our backdrop.  How amazing it is, Lord, to see something with my own eyes that I have seen only in photos my whole life!

We spent half of Christmas Day back at the airport.  Becoming a “face” to the lost baggage handlers, hoping that might help our cause.  Two faces out of the hundreds of bags that had been lost or misdirected in just 24 hours.

During Christmas dinner with family, we received the text.  One bag had been found — in Fiji — and was on its way to the hotel!  The other bag???  Still MIA…

No luggage at the Inn?  Was that our biggest snafu on this trip?  (After the inconvenient kidney stone, that is?)  There was no room a “the Inn” for You, Lord, when You first came so long ago.  When You were born into the most humble of surroundings, with animals at Your side.

Born in a manger — a feeding trough.  What better place for the King of kings… who would become the True Nourishment we all so desperately need?

“I am the Bread of Life.  Whoever comes to Me will never go hungry and whoever believes in Me will never be thirsty.”  (John 6:35)

Oh, Lord… the things I am tempted to complain about!  You’re teaching me a lot these days… aren’t You?  Trying to teach me, at least… eh, Mate?

“But the Advocate, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in My name, will teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have said to you.”  (John 14:26)

Willing to stay “after school,” if that’s what it takes…   🙂

Abba’s Girl

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