A Bird By Any Other Name

We finally left it all behind, Lord.  The missed flights and the misdirected baggage.  The extra-long hours in airports and the long walks between gates.  The lost time and the lost opportunities.

We spent the last two days in the wilderness.  Fishing pristine New Zealand rivers, with water so clear we could see every rock and every trout.  Wild flowers and wilder terrain.  Only the sound of birds and the wind to break our sanctuary’s peace.  We didn’t see another human being all day.

And there You were, Lord.  Unmistakable.  Unhurried.  Unruffled.  Understanding.

You knew exactly what I needed.

Early in Day 1, I was alone for awhile.  Our guide had rounded a bend with my Sweetie, to get him fishing in a prime spot.  Suddenly, I couldn’t help myself.  I began to worship.

Abba, my Everlasting Father.  Jesus, my Forever Husband, King and Beloved Friend.  Holy Spirit, my Advocate, Teacher and Comforter.  I greeted You in Your many dimensions and soaked in the Truth and Beauty of them all.  And just as suddenly, You greeted me back.

Three small birds swooped into the sky just over my head.  Cavorting about as if dancing together in the air… all for my enjoyment.  I knew immediately it was You, Lord.  Speaking to me through these three joyful birds.  No one else saw them.

It wasn’t until later that I learned what those birds were.  They are called “Welcome Swallows.”

Of course they are!   🙂

Welcome Swallows, welcoming me into Your Presence.  Far from The Maddening Crowd.

Some might call that a coincidence.  But I know better, Lord.  Because on Day 2, it happened again.  Not once… but three times!  Singing praises to You… just like I had been!

A bird by any other name would have sounded as sweet.  But You didn’t send just any bird… did You, Lord?   🙂

“My mouth is filled with Your praise, declaring Your splendor all day long.”  (Psalm 71:8)


Abba’s Girl


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