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Two weddings.  One Mission.  Two vastly different approaches.  One Destination.  I saw one in person. The other, only through photos.

Both brides were stunning in their long flowing gowns.  Has there ever been a bride who isn’t stunning, Lord?  That’s where the resemblance to anything traditional stopped!   🙂

In the Country Wedding, the bridesmaids wore denim jackets with white, frilly tutus.  And cowboy boots, of course.  The altar was homemade, out of a tree trunk.  The groomsmen carried rifles for their wedding photos.

And, no… It wasn’t a “shotgun wedding”!   🙂   It was… totally cute!

Both weddings welcomed You, Lord.  Each in different ways.  Different, perhaps… but no less true. That’s always my favorite part of any wedding, Lord!

The “Composed” Wedding wasn’t more “proper” or less “wild.”  “Composed” refers to a priceless part of their wedding design — the song the bride and groom composed together… and sang to each other.

I still haven’t heard the song.  I didn’t see it on video.  I was told the happy couple sang it to each other at their reception.  It was a heart-stopper.  A tear-jerker.  In the most positive meaning of those words.

The bride’s mother was describing it to me.  That’s when I got The Vision.

In my spirit’s “eyes,” I saw this bride and groom on a simple stage.  Nothing more than a platform. A platform assembled in Heaven.

Millions were gathered around the stage (Your Forever Family, Lord)… along with countless angels. Everyone holding their breath.  Our breath.  (I was there, too).

The bride and groom began to sing… to an audience of One.  You, Lord.

The lyrics they had written, expressing their love to each other, took on new meaning.  The Love Song You had inspired them to write was now focused on the One it was truly meant for.

You, Lord.  Only You.

I described The Vision to the bride’s mother… and two other dear friends.  We had gathered for a quick visit at lunch.  The words caught in my throat as I painted the scene.  It was too beautiful to put into words.

My eyes teared up.  Our eyes teared up.  Yours did, too… didn’t they, Lord?  Or they will… when this Vision becomes Reality.

You let me see into the future… didn’t You, Lord?  For just a moment…

We all knew it.

“Our Father in heaven, hallowed be Your name…”  (Matthew 6:9)

“No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love Him.”  (1 Corinthians 2:9)

[Deep sigh.]

Abba’s Girl


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