Will You Really WALK Your TALK???

Will I ever “get over” the wonder of how You move in my life, Lord?  How You orchestrate my steps to present me with “divine appointments” that are also priceless invitations? Invitations for me to follow You to a “place” I have never been before?

Will I ever “get over” the wonder of it all?  I hope not.

I was about to leave the house yesterday, on my way to reconnect with my weekly prayer group in Florida.  It would be my first time seeing them since we went to Virginia months ago.

On my way out the door, my dear husband asked me a question.  I could tell from his choice of words that he had decided in his mind what he wanted my answer to be:  “Are you planning to do this every week?  We need to talk…”

I got in my car and left, knowing we would talk later.  Knowing what he wanted my answer to be (“NO”)… but not yet knowing what my answer would be.  Until You gave it to me, Lord —  and confirmed it, three times, in the most amazing ways.

I began to think about the question.  My first response was, “Of course.  I’ve been praying weekly with these dear people for three years.  Ever since You, Lord, directed me to find — and gather with — the intercessors You had planted in this region.”  You “launched” this team of prayer warriors, Lord… and gave me the privilege of helping to nurture it since its inception.

But yesterday, another thought popped into my head.  Right after my initial “Maintain the Status Quo” response.  It was a Key Declaration You put on my heart about two months ago concerning my relationship with my dear husband.

You are leading me on this Journey of Transformation that includes, among other things, becoming “the best wife / life partner I can be” to my husband.  One of the Key Declarations You gave me is this:  “I will respect him more and submit more to his leadership.” 

Pretty radical, for a former — and now, thankfully, delivered — radical feminist!   🙂

I have been repeating that Declaration, among others, every day for the last two months. And that’s the Declaration that popped into my head as I considered his question. Followed quickly by the question You were now asking me:

“Will you really WALK your TALK?  Here’s your opportunity.”

I knew, in that instant, the answer You were leading me to give him.  To respect the part of his heart that is behind his question — his desire to be with me, his need for my help — and to submit to his leadership, giving him permission to set the new schedule.

“Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that He may lift you up in due time.  Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you.”  (1 Peter 5:6-7)

I had not yet checked my emails for the day.  At a red light, I opened my phone.  The very first email I saw was from a dear sister-in-Christ — a leader among intercessors in the whole State of Florida.

She knows of my love for You, Lord. and of my devotion to this prayer effort.  Yet she had no idea about the question that had just been asked of me, or of the answer You had just led me to embrace.   Why was I not surprised to read the profound message she felt compelled to send me?  The message I would receive at this particular moment?

“Your position of humble obedience is wonderful.”

It was as if You had spoken those words audibly  to me, Lord.  And I felt totally at peace.

Then, I turned right at a major intersection.  It had been raining on the ride up to that point.  When I turned the corner, I saw a spectacular rainbow lighting up the stormy sky!

I had turned a corner spiritually, too… thanks to You, Lord.  And here was that priceless symbol of Hope filling the sky!  A Promise from You that I need not fear.  A Promise from You that You were “up to something.”

A Reassurance that I will see Your Promise fulfilled soon… in Your perfect timing.

Our prayer time was awesome, Lord.  Your presence was palpable.  We were almost finished when You gave a “word” to one of the intercessors.  I knew it was Your word of encouragement for all of us.  I also knew it was another priceless, personal word of encouragement for me.

She said this “word” came forth from today’s rainbow.  The rainbow You had displayed today,  in order to remind us that You are a Covenant-keeping God!

“I am the Good Shepherd.  I know My sheep.  I have heard with pleasure you claiming My Promises.  I have heard, I am hearing, I will hear in the future.  I am the Good Shepherd.  I know how to lead My sheep.  I will show you what to do.”

In grateful awe, Your little lamb…

Abba’s Girl

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