Where Was God? – Part I

It’s been awhile since I have posted here. I’ve been spending most of my time posting online encouragements to my Book Launch Team for Victory in The Valley.

I have also been praying about the ways the Lord is leading me to transform my future postings here. I’m EXCITED about His plan! More on all that to follow… soon!

Meanwhile, I have been sitting for the last two days with the shock of it all. The shock of what happened in Sutherland Springs. When, at the precise time I was leaving my small church in my small town in Virginia, brothers and sisters I have not met — yet — were also leaving their small church in their small town in Texas.

And seeing face-to-face the One they had been worshipping just moments before.

Unsuspecting Victims, thanks to gunfire from a deranged man bent on mass destruction. Yet also Expectant Victors, thanks to their Gracious God who fulfilled His promise to deliver them finally and forever from evil.


Is there a deeper Valley than the instantaneous, inexplicable, irreversible loss of loved ones? Perhaps not. Perhaps so. We all have Valleys that run deep. Deeper than we ever thought — and never imagined — we would have to traverse.

But this one occurred in the sacred, seemingly-safe sanctuary of a Sunday worship service. Begging all the more that Nagging Question that has appeared all over the 24/7 newsfeeds — wherever people go to satisfy their hunger for Answers.


I have some thoughts about that question. Thoughts I wouldn’t even begin to share with anyone whose loved ones were lost that day. If I had occasion to be with any of them, I would simply listen… and pray… and hug… and serve… and cry with them until they were ready for anything more.

But for the rest of us — countless folks who have seen the news and wrestled with The Question — I have a few thoughts. They may not make sense to anyone who doesn’t know and love Jesus. He’s the Only One who can make sense out of the senseless.

I didn’t know that Truth for more than half of my life. Decades when I tried to make sense out of what defied explanation or understanding. But I know it now.

I’m sitll here, in the wake of the evils committed against me and the evils I committed. But only because Jesus came after me… and helped me have eyes to see Him when He did.

Otherwise, I would surely be dead.

So I feel moved to share just some of what He’s taught me since He saved my life. That’s what I’ll do tomorrow’s blog, entitled: “Where Was God? – Part 2.”


Abba’s Girl


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