Unlikely Encounters

Sometimes, my brain takes a walk on The Wild Side… doesn’t it, Lord?  It’s just because I’m following You, right?!  I’m so thankful You have a great sense of humor!   🙂

Like the Unlikely Encounters You lead me into… in the most Unlikely Places.  Yesterday’s Case in Point…

I saw them on the 14th tee.  Again.  I ride past there on my bicycle almost every day, early in the morning.  The same threesome is always there.  We must be on the same schedule.

I have never seen them tee off.  They’re always just standing around, as if they are… waiting.  For me to ride past?  So I won’t see what happens next?

Is it like that popular movie that’s out right now, Lord?  The one about what pets do when their owners leave the house?  Maybe that’s it.  Because this particular Unlikely Encounter consists of three sand hill cranes.

An Unlikely Threesome about to tee off???

I find myself wondering what they’re saying as I ride by.  “Uh-oh!  Cool it!  There she is again!” OR “Look natural!  Step on your ball so she doesn’t suspect!”  

If only I could translate Beak Speak.   🙂

I can’t help but think they might have some advantages over the more traditional golfers I see.  Like in the water hazards.  They can just wade in and grab their ball.  And maybe a snack, too.  Is a “gimme” anything less than a wingspan?   🙂

Or maybe they’ve invented a whole new game that’s even better than Human Golf… if only they’d let us watch.  Every game could be totally unique.  They could fly their balls from one fairway to any other.  Start on the 14th tee, finish on the 4th green?

Yesterday, a loner showed up.  Prowling around in search of a game?  Or maybe a meal?  I couldn’t imagine he would hook up with my favorite threesome.  In fact, the threesome was nowhere to be found.

The loner was a beautiful red fox.  White-tipped tail.  Black stockings.  A fetching outfit for the links, to be sure.  (Or maybe the Lynx?)   🙂   Complete with pearly-white teeth.  Or, better said, fangs.

He stopped and looked at me for a few minutes.  Maybe he hoped I would point him in the direction of some threesome in search of a fourth?  No way.  Some competitors you can’t out play… you have to out fox them.   🙂

All kidding aside, Lord… Thanks for the Wild Animal Park experience in the middle of this sleepy golf community.  WAY COOL!!!

“How many are Your works, Lord!  In wisdom You made them all; the earth is full of Your creatures… All creatures look to You.. when You open Your hand, they are satisfied with good things.”  (Psalm 104:24,27-28)

Clearly handicapped…   🙂

Abba’s Girl

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