Tebow Tripping!

He isn’t the greatest Major League Baseball player… yet. He’s playing for the Class Double-A Rumble Ponies in Binghamton, NY.

He’s aiming for the NY Mets.

He was once considered the best college football player in the nation, winning the often-coveted Heisman trophy. And he did once accomplish a sports miracle… quarterbacking the Denver Broncos to unlikely last-minute victories and a breathtaking overtime playoff win.

But none of that really matters to Tim Tebow.

“If I’m not remembered for baseball, that’s OK. If I’m not remembered for football, that’s OK, too. Actually, it’s fine if I’m not remembered at all. What I want is to serve God by helping people who are less fortunate. That’s what’s important, not playing a sport.”  


If that isn’t Kingdom POWER… what is?

Consider the annual “Night to Shine” his Tim Tebow Foundation sponsors. Recently, for the fifth year in a row, he provided 90,000 young people (14 and older) with an unforgettable prom night experience.

Not just any young people. Tim reaches those who may otherwise be forgotten. Young people with disabilities – i.e., different abilities.

Watch these videos to catch a glimpse. (Be sure to have Kleenex handy.) ?



What started as an event in Tim’s own church has grown to include over 540 churches in 16 countries, requiring 175,000 volunteers. Each Night to Shine gives its honored guests the royal treatment.

Dapper tuxedoes and shoe-shining stations for the boys. Stunning gowns and makeover stations for the girls. Cheering crowds and paparazzi lining their red carpet walk. Dancing. Karaoke. Gifts. Their coronation at night’s end as kings and queens.

But what’s really the point?

Helping them feel special? Of course. Creating a once-in-a-lifetime experience? Absolutely. But Tim describes his ultimate goal best:

“Hopefully, they leave realizing that the God of this universe loves them so much and has a special unique plan and purpose for their life. We get to show that with how much we love them.” 


Maybe that’s the secret of Tim Tebow’s Kingdom POWER?

His unabashed Christian witness and pro-life beliefs? His habit of kneeling to honor Jesus that has become a verb – Tebowing? His authentic, faith-based lifestyle even in the glare of celebrity… where carnal temptations and trouble-inspiring critics abound?

Turning even former doubters into supporters? Like David Ramsey, of the Colorado Springs Gazette, who calls Tim…

“… the rare athlete more about life off the field than on the field. He’s one of America’s highest-profile – and most authentic and admirable – Christians. Tebow isn’t one to talk all the time about his devotion to following Christ. He’s too busy actually following Christ.” 


Maybe that’s why 6,217 fans came one night when he played for the Suns-Fireflies at Municipal Stadium in Hagerstown, MD (2017). Normal attendance was 1,000. His four-game series drew 22,578.

An 87-year attendance record.


Not a Superbowl-size crowd? No worries. Tim’s always playing for an audience of One.

Are we?  What say you?

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