Seed Snatcher Strikes Again

It had only been a few weeks.  Hardly a “blip” on the radar screen of eternity.

I called a woman I had met recently.  We had agreed I would call her today at a particular time.  She had asked me to call.  She was eager to hear more about something I had said about You, Lord.

When we connected today, I could tell immediately that something was different.  Had the enemy so quickly taken hold of her thoughts and her voice?

Our conversation lasted a total of nine minutes — as long as it takes to graciously slam a verbal door shut.

What struck me the most was her apparent amnesia.  When I asked her what had been stirred in her heart that she wanted to talk with me further, she merely answered, “I honestly don’t remember.”


“When anyone hears the message about the Kingdom and does not understand it, the evil one comes and snatches away what was sown in their heart.  This is the seed sown along the path.”  (Matthew 13:19)

Sometimes we just have to let it go… don’t we, Lord?  We do whatever You have called us to do, and then “life” (or death?) intervenes.  We can’t control or coerce The Outcome.  Only You can make Yourself Unmistakable and Irresistible.

But I must say, Lord… the opportunities You give us to co-labor with You are priceless!!! NOTHING gives me more JOY!!!

Praying for this dear woman tonight, Lord…

… that other seed planters may be sent her way…

… and that her rocky path may soon become fertile ground…

Abba’s Girl


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