Pulling “A Skippy”

Sometimes, I wonder if Skippy isn’t just a little “strung out.”  Maybe a little too much napping in the catnip for her own good?

I have never owned a cat before, so maybe this is something that’s totally normal — something that just comes with Cat Territory. But here’s the thing:  Skippy chases her tail with such vigor, she spins until she’s dizzy… ending up doing her fair share of what must be painful somersaults and “back flops.”

What I don’t get is this:  Doesn’t she realize it’s her own tail?  

She stares at the end of that tail intently, watching it move slowly and deliberately.  I can almost see the wheels turning in her little cat brain.  She is in hyper-predator mode — preparing to pounce at just the right moment.  She acts like that tail she’s watching is not attached to her at all… as if it were some mysterious, independent creature taking delight in baiting her to attack. And when she actually does catch that tail (with her mouth, of course), does she ever stop to wonder why she’s feeling that bite?

I must admit… It is hilarious to watch!

Well, I pulled “A Skippy” today.  Except in my case, I wasn’t intentionally chasing my own tail.  Intentions aside, however, the effect was the same.  And it wasn’t the least bit funny!   🙁

With the help of a nice computer technician, I finally figured out the problem I have been having with my Time Trade (TT) appointment scheduling system.  I went online to open up more appointment time slots.  I saw them on the TT calendar, so I know I had scheduled them correctly.  But when I tested the link, I kept getting an annoying message:  “No appointments available.”  How frustrating was that?!  It just didn’t make sense…

… until this nice “techie” pointed out my tail chasing!  (Thank you, I think!)  🙂

Is it possible to be too organized, Lord?  Normally, I don’t “resemble that remark”…  but in this case, I did!  🙂

It’s a little too complicated to explain, but the bottom line was this:  My Time Trade calendar syncs with my Google Calendar, which is also syncs with my Less Annoying Customer Relationship Manager.  The new appointment slots I was trying to open were blocked… because they were already on my calendar!  So, they were competing with themselves!

Chasing my own tail!  Without any catnip, I might add!   🙂   [Deep sigh.]  At least, it’s all fixed now and working properly!


I am at a loss to know which Scripture fits this scenario, unless it’s this particular paraphrase:

“There is a way that appears to be right, but in the end it leads to [tail chasing, painful somersaults and back flops.]”  (Proverbs 14:12, RSV – Revised Skippy Version)

I think I’ll sign off for now, Lord, and go watch the Skipster-girl.  She’s much more entertaining!!!  🙂

“May the righteous be glad and rejoice before God; may they be happy and joyful.”  (Psalm 68:3)

Abba’s Girl


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