Prophetic Leaf Blowers?!

Sand hill cranes.

I hadn’t thought about them in a long time.  Until this morning… after our precious time with You, Lord.  Intercessors who gathered in Your Presence on this Good Good Friday.

What a sweet time with You, Lord!  We listened as You whispered.  We spoke to You in words too small to honor The Moment.  At one point, I was lying in green pastures with You, beside still waters.  Another sister was in Your lap, held close in Your arms.

Communing… heart-to-heart.  [Deep sigh.]

Suddenly, You moved another sister to pray forcefully.  Calling You to ignite Your Church with fire!  At that very instant, a machine kicked into gear outside the building.  A gas-powered leaf blower, with the operator revving its engine.

I spoke the obvious!  You were giving us tangible confirmation!  You are already doing what we were asking You to do!  You revved up our prayers and our JOY like that engine… until we were overflowing!  Rejoicing that Your “Holy Leaf Blower” is blowing away every obstacle hindering Your Church in our day!

One pastor laughed, shaking his head with wonder whenever You “speak” to intercessors through everyday things.  Like leaf blowers…

… and sand hill cranes.

He reminded me of the day four years ago when we walked and prayed around our local convention center.  A youth event would be held there in days, reaching thousands with Your Good News.

Suddenly, we were surprised by nearby movement.   A lone sand hill crane rose out of nearby bushes and flew over the entire convention grounds.  All the while calling, calling, calling with what sounded like a deep ache.. a longing.

I knew it was significant.  But what were You saying, Lord?  I went home to research.

I learned these birds mate for life.  This bird was alone.  I found recordings of various sand hill crane calls.  (Imagine that!)   🙂   I recognized the particular call… and finally understood.

It was the “unison” call.  That bird was calling its mate… with deep longing.  Just like You were (and are) calling out to us, Lord.  Your Forever Bride.  Over the miles and the ages, You call to us… to return to You with our whole hearts.

Why remind me of this today, Lord?  Because You had more to say…

It was on our bike ride.  A sight unlike any I had ever seen!  Two sand hill cranes… with two babies!  Youngsters who could not have been more than twelve inches high!

A family.  Mates for life.  Birthing a new generation.

What a picture of Your Family in our day, Lord!  The Bridegroom and Bride — Mates for Eternity, reuniting soon!  The Promise of NEW LIFE… enduring forever!  Despite Your enemies, who even now want to wipe us off the face of the Earth…

“Your Kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, and Your dominion endures through all generations.”  (Psalm 145:13)

“Therefore we do not lose heart… For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory…”  (2 Corinthians 4:16-17)

Good Friday, indeed!

Abba’s Girl

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