My Second Silver Anniversary!

No, I am not old enough to have celebrated two silver wedding anniversaries in my life!

My only silver wedding anniversary has come and gone.  We are heading for thirty.  Such a fact still makes my head spin.

How time flies!!!   🙂

I drove my dear husband to his first post-op appointment today.

THANK YOU, LORD for the great report from the surgeon!  Everything looks “perfect” at this stage.  Nothing like that great emotional boost to galvanize us for Recovery Phase Two.

THANK YOU, LORD for all the people who prayed — and continue to pray — for him. Phase Two will last another six weeks.

It was in the car that I realized — “out of the blue” — that today is my Second Silver Anniversary.  Because on January 7, 1991, I gave up alcohol “cold turkey.”  Or rather, You delivered me from it, Lord.

No small feat.  But then, You’re a BIG GOD!  A God who is still in the MIRACLE Business!

As quickly as I realized it had been 25 years, I thought “silver anniversary.”  Back in the Roman Empire, a husband put a silver wreath on his wife’s head to commemorate their 25 years of marriage.

You are my Forever Husband, Jesus.  Thanks to You, I already wear a silver “wreath” — the silver highlights in my hair.  (OK, they’re grey… but the silver metaphor words better!)   🙂

My hairdressers have pressured me for decades — in friendly, but persistent, ways — to cover them up with color.  (Yes, those hairs began to appear many years ago).  But I have always resisted.

Maybe it’s just a matter of perspective.  It seems to me that I have “earned” every one of those silver/grey hairs.  They are part of my life story.  Or rather, Your story in my life, Lord. So why would I cover them up?

At today’s prices, a silver wreath might be worth a pretty penny.  But I much prefer the “wreath” You have placed on my head, Lord.

None of those silver/grey hairs would register any weight if placed on a scale.  Yet each one was produced by a “weighty” Life Experience.  And each of those Life Experiences produced Life Lessons.

Life Lessons that are worth their weight in treasures far more precious than the costliest of precious metals.  Mostly lessons about You, Lord… and Your Awesome Power.

Your Power to miraculously heal the brokenhearted and deliver captives from bondage. Your Power to bring Hope to the hopeless and Joy to the desolate.  Your Power to cause amazing good to come out of every bad thing that happens to those who love You.

Your Power to raise the dead to LIFE.  And so much more…

“He has sent Me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives… to comfort all who mourn…to bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of joy instead of mourning, and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair…”  (Isaiah 61:1-3)

So shall we “toast” to this Silver Anniversary, Lord?

You can fill my cup with Your Living Water anytime!


Abba’s Girl

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