More Than Coincidence!!!

Oh, Lord… Sometimes You pour out Your Love like a tsunami! Filling my cup to overflowing… so much so, I almost have to say, “Stop, Lord! Let me catch my breath!”

Not really. I don’t want you to ever stop! ­čÖé

Like Friday. I was driving from Florida to Georgia. On my way to a two-day women’s conference, entitled “The Life of A Victor.”

I was scheduled to speak briefly about the precious book You had me write, Lord. The book that is just weeks away from being published.

Victory in The Valley – 7 Secrets to Overcoming Life’s Worst and Savoring Life’s Best.

I got in my car to begin the five-hour drive. Fifteen minutes later, You nudged me to glance at the dashboard. The outside temperature was 77 degrees. My fuel efficiency was 31.7 miles per gallon.

“7” – the number of Perfection, Completion. “3” – Father, Son and Holy Spirit. “1” – the One True God. “7” yet again.

I chuckled, saying out loud: “Lord, You are too funny!”

Two hours later, I was in the middle lane on the Interstate. Traveling at 70 miles per hour. I had spent┬áthe┬áwhole ride┬álistening to my audio Bible and praying. Thanking You, Lord, for giving me “eyes to see” You everywhere around me.

My peripheral vision noticed a car passing me on the left. But instead of passing me, it slowed… and started traveling next to me. An unusual thing, at that speed. So unusual, I glanced to my left.

It was a dark grey van. A business vehicle. With a bright red logo on the side: Two giant wings spread out… a bird in flight. But the bird’s body was actually… a cross! And the name of the company?


Really??? As I’m on my way to a conference called “The Life of A Victor”… to talk about my new book, Victory in The Valley?

Seven minutes later — there’s that 7 again! — I started to pull into a rest stop. I turned on the radio… and heard a song I had never heard before. With these lyrics:

“There is victory in the end! Your love is my battle cry!”

The next three songs simply added more exclamation points!

“You are free indeed!”

“Jesus has overcome… the Victory is won!”

“It’s OK to act like you’ve been set free! His love has made you more than enough!”

Oh, Lord… The conference was amazing!┬áThe words You gave me blessed the 125 there; some, deeply so. Giving them HOPE. There’s nothing I love more, Lord, than testifying about Your Abiding Love and Amazing Grace!

Saturday, after it was over, I sensed Your pleasure. My cup was overflowing with the tsunami of Your Love. I went out to my car to start the trip home. And what did I find, on the ground right next to my trunk?

A pink styrofoam heart.


“I have loved you with an everlasting love; I have drawn you with unfailing kindness. I will build you up again.” (Jeremiah 31:3)

Victory, indeed! ┬á ­čÖé


Abba’s Girl


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