Lord Who Does Not Hide

I love seeking You in the early morning hours, just before dawn.  Before the pace of the day has a chance to shift into fifth gear.  Before the world wakes up.  When it seems like it’s just You and me in the silence… and I can hear, “see” and even feel You.

I seek You this morning, Lord.  Not to ask You for anything.  Just to be with You.  To love You.  To cuddle with You.  To soak in Your Presence.  Yet, even without my asking, You speak… and my hand cannot write fast enough to capture a beautiful Truth — that the time for seeking You is not just in the pre-dawn stillness… it is 24/7/365.

I seek You in the darkness… because You are The Light.  I seek You in the emptiness… because You fill me to overflowing.  I seek You in the loneliness… because, in You, I belong.

I seek You in the storm… because You are my Anchor and my Rock.  I seek You in the fog… because You are my Clear Path.  I seek You in the heat of battle… because You are my Shield and my Sword.

I seek You in the silence… because You are my Song.  I seek You in the noise… because You are my Peace.  I seek You with my questions… because You hold Every Answer.

I seek You in my weakness… because You are my Joy Who gives me Strength.  I seek You whenever I feel lost… because You are always with me.  I seek You at my rope’s end… because You are my Hope.

I seek You in my fears… because You are my Courage.  I seek You in my failures… because Your Love for me is Unfailing.  I seek You when I am bound up in chains… because You hold Every Key to set me Free.

I seek You from every “mountaintop” of success… because You — and only You — make the climb and the summit possible.  I seek You when every blessing comes my way… because You are its Source.

I seek You… and I find You.  Every time.

[Deep sigh.]

“… acknowledge… God… and serve Him with wholehearted devotion and with a willing mind, for the Lord searches every heart and understands every desire and every thought.  If you seek Him, He will be found by you…”  (1 Chronicles 28:9)

Grateful in seeking, joyful in finding… !!!

Abba’s Girl

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