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Precious Lord,

I had already determined that, at least for today, I would not be uploading this blog. We have no international data plan, so to do so would be prohibitively expensive. Or so I thought… until someone here showed me A Way.

Lord… Please let this work like she said!  (With no charges to my wireless account!!!)

The flight here was as smooth as silk. The most spectacular cloud formations… High above us, rising higher still!

I had the most wonderful encounter with a young woman from Tennessee!  A college student who, in high school, participated in an amazing production called “Mock Wreck.” Sixty high school students engaging hundreds more in a life-changing experience.

All focused on helping young people NOT drink and drive.

Three mini-films were made, depicting a group at a beer party, a group at a prom, and a group of “innocent bystanders.”  The films showed what happened in these three separate groups in the hours and minutes before their three cars came together in a horrific wreck.

A staged wreck.  Staged to make a life-changing point.

Students viewed the films, then went out to the school parking lot to see the live production. The first thing they saw outside was the “wreck.”. Three smashed cars with bodies strewn about.  Actors in gruesome makeup, showing the “fruit” of the gruesome outcome of those drinking parties run amuck.

In the live production, a car approached, “discovered” the accident and called 911. Shortly afterward, real police and rescue squads arrived with sirens blaring.

Chaos ensued. The kind of chaos that would have happened if the scene had been real.  Several were declared ‘dead” at the site; another was taken to the “hospital”(dying there), minor injuries were treated, drunk kids were arrested… Including the driver at the epicenter of the accident.

The next day, police and rescue personnel came to debrief With the students. What an amazing opportunity, Lord, for young people to make a life-changing and life-saving differences in the lives of their peers!

Suddenly, you gripped me, Lord. I asked how widespread this event was. It was the brainchild of a Life Skills teacher in one high school. THAT’s IT! One school in a sea of schools throughout the country (world)! Like one drop in a very large bucket.

Suddenly, I saw a website — – with instructions that other schools could follow! Testimonies from students involved and how it has changed their lives.

What a beautiful way to “pay forward” this experience to others, Lord!  Her former teacher has grown weary and doesn’t know who will take the torch from her.  How could this not be a huge blessing in other communities? Maybe MADD – Mothers Against Drunk Driving – would even help sponsor the website?!

I sense this idea is from You, Lord. My new friend does, too… Bless her, Lord, to follow You in whatever direction You desire to lead her!

“Come, follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men.”  (Matthew 4:19)


Abba’s Girl

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