Let The Party Never End!!!

It was an AWESOME party!

It was as if the whole community had come together for a Celebration to end all celebrations!  I saw streamers and balloons… and I heard lots of cheering.  And I knew why, too.  We all did… well, almost all of us.

You had moved mightily, Lord!  Throughout the whole community!  Blessing so many people in so many ways… like a great outpouring of Your grace.  Doing so much, it simply could not be “explained away” as the result of mere human effort.

I remember two men in particular — Steve and Eric.  Both had been skeptics at first.  By the end of Your outpouring, Steve was cheering for You as enthusiastically as everyone else!  Everyone… except Eric.

Eric turned to leave the party.  Said he had to return to his work.  And to his life, as if nothing had really happened.  I couldn’t let him leave without saying something.

He turned to face me.  His “doubt lines” were etched deep in his granite-like expression. What I spoke was an invitation.  I hoped he would rise to its challenge.

“You know these people, Eric.  These aren’t strangers you can chalk up as “crazies.”  And you know something amazing  is going on.  In the next few days, I encourage you to go talk to them. Ask them what happened.  Ask them how all this came together.  And as you ask, I encourage you to keep yourself open to the possibility that none of this happened just by accident.”

That’s when I woke up.

It took me a minute to orient myself.  One minute, everything was so real.  The next minute, it was all a dream.  Steve and Eric vanished into thin air.  As did all of those miracles.  Even so… I couldn’t help but feel the afterglow of all that praise for You, Lord!

What happened next gave me goosebumps!

I checked my email.  Not my normal routine.  I saw an urgent email… about celebration.

A real town is celebrating You, Lord.  Because You have moved mightily!  They seeded their land for years… with prayers.  Something was holding them back.  So the church — throughout the community — came together as one, for 72 hours of worship.

And You poured out Your favor!

Entrepreneurs struggling for years to obtain licenses suddenly cut through red tape. Five new restaurants are opening.  New apartments were created in older downtown buildings.

$700,000 was awarded for downtown improvements.  Another $100,000 to improve the sports complex.  New town houses are being built.

A major utility is building a solar plant.   A phosphate mine is coming.   A VA Clinic and a new Urgent Care Center have opened.  Crime has dropped 35 percent.

So was my dream the “trailer” for today’s news, Lord???   🙂   “Wake up!  Coming Attractions are already HERE!”

A community with HOPE, whose motto is:  Have Only Powerful Expectations.

“Everything is possible for one who believes…. I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief!”  (Mark 9:23-24)

What if we all dared to dream… ???

Abba’s Girl


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