If Nature Could Talk… Deja Vu!

Lord, Lord, Lord…

Sometimes it seems You just set Your heart on blowing my mind and leaving me breathless — sending me head-over-heels with awe, wonder, sheer delight and heart-pumping JOY!

And, yes… that’s an UNDERSTATEMENT!!!! ¬†ūüôā

We headed out on our eight-mile bike ride today. Suddenly, for the briefest instant, this thought came into my head: ¬†“Wouldn’t it be awesome if You pulled a repeat of yesterday’s Seven Messengers of HOPE?” ¬†Did You whisper that thought to me, Lord, so You could¬†then proceed to blow my mind? ¬†In Your Word, whenever You repeat something, You are giving it special importance. ¬†But why would I think You would want to do the same thing twice?

Because I’m inclined to think too small! ¬†And You are the Great God who does MORE!!!

The cows were gone today, but the shade remained. ¬†As did the river’s Living Water, gurgling away. ¬†The Three Musketeers showed up, as if on cue. ¬†Three out of four’s not bad. ¬†So would there be four butterflies today, to make the Seven Messengers?

HA! ¬†Instead, You sent TEN! ¬†ūüôā

How fitting, I thought. ¬†Thirteen messengers today, after only seven yesterday! ¬†Why thirteen? ¬†Some people would call it “bad luck”…but not me. ¬†You have made the number 13 very dear to me, Lord — a priceless blessing, in connection with the greatest evil I have ever committed.

It was thirteen years from that fateful day of my greatest sin until I surrendered to Your passionate pursuit and welcomed You into my heart and life.  And it was thirteen years from the day of my salvation until the the day You miraculously and graciously healed me from the continued and devastating effects of that same greatest sin.

But before I could get my head around this, You decided to do MORE…

I came around a corner and gasped. ¬†There, twenty feet ahead of me, I saw a cluster of more butterflies than I could count!!! ¬†They were flying — almost swarming — just off the roadway!!! ¬†A spectacular sight, positively glowing as the sunlight caught the brilliant yellow of their wings!!! ¬†How many were there, Lord? ¬†Fifteen? ¬†Twenty? ¬†I couldn’t count them all!!! ¬†I was stunned and elated… all at the same time!!!

Ahhh, Lord… Thank You for not letting my small thinking limit Your BIG plans for me today!!! ¬†Forgive me for imagining a deja vu box for you (which would have been AMAZING by itself!), when the “SO MUCH MORE” You had planned gave You so much more GLORY!!! ¬†And me a sense of HOPE times infinity!!!

“Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine… to Him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations for ever and ever! ¬†Amen!” ¬†(Ephesians 3:20)


Abba’s Girl

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