Felling Every Giant

In this new blog, Sundays are Son-days with You, Lord. Reflecting on one of the many God-encounters You and I have shared in the previous week… hoping it will bless others, too.

Like this one…

She had always towered over everyone and everything around her. A HUGE Blessing. But now she was dead… a Clear and Present Danger.

A 70-foot pine tree.

She stood on the wooded hill behind us. If she fell on her own, she could take out our house OR the well that supplied our water. The only way to ensure she missed both was to take her down ourselves… dropping her between the two.

Piece of cake… right? 🙂  WRONG!  🙁

This HUGE Blessing became a Battle… with a HUGE Adversary. It would take more than twelve of me stacked head-to-toe to look her in the eye. And she didn’t go willingly.

We employed (jammed, then crushed) one chainsaw. Reverted to one pole saw and two heavy pry-bars. Engaged two midgets (compared to her)… exerting (exhausting) all of our  🙂  limited strength.

Yours was the Victory, Lord… after You clued me in to the value of praying without ceasing.  🙂

She gave way. I yelled, “Timber!”  [Great fun! 🙂 ] But neighboring trees grabbed her top. She stopped… leaning precariously, still attached to her stump. [No fun at all. 🙁 ]

If we could just free her bottom, surely she’d fall… right? We did free her (eventually)… but she didn’t fall. She was still in the other trees’ embrace.

Then, the wind started. Yikes.

Suddenly, a large branch high above snapped… plummeting down, piercing the ground to my right. The place I had just been standing… until You whispered, “Move left.”

Thank You, Jesus!  🙂

We called reinforcements — our neighbor fells trees for a living. He’d come the next morning, so we left her… still leaning. As for me? Still praying.

By dawn, she had fallen. In the dead of night. Missing our house, our well… and US.  🙂  🙂  🙂

There’s no Lumberjack like You, Lord. And no Teacher like You, either… turning every experience into a Teachable Moment.

There are Clear and Present Dangers all around us… aren’t there? Other-worldly Dangers that don’t give us the luxury of Avoidance… because they come to us and demand our engagement.

Enemies way bigger than we are. Attacking us harshly and hurtfully… even subtly, yet certainly. But we need to remember who the real enemies are… don’t we, Lord?

Not the people “in our face.” More than harsh, they are lost and hurting… in need of Your Grace and Truth. The real enemies are powers like Temptation, Fear, Compromise, Self-Promotion, Envy, Idolatry… sometimes, the Devil himself.

We need… Supernatural Wisdom and Strength — only Yours, Lord, will suffice. Proper Tools and Safety Gear — Your divine weapons and armor, the Sword of Your Spirit, power-full Prayer through surrendered obedience (Ephesians 6:10-20, 2 Corinthians 10:3-5, Romans 12:1-2).

So we can be Light — Your Light — even in the midst of darkness, demons and death.

So we can fell every Giant.

Can I get an AMEN?!  🙂

Abba’s Girl

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