Divine Security

It was one of those once-in-a-lifetime Divine Appointments. No human being could orchestrate it. No “blind luck” or “coincidence” could explain it.

And, by Your Grace, Lord… it happened to me.

My husband and I were traveling over the holidays. Flying from state-to-state on a Christmas “tour” designed to reconnect us with beloved family in two faraway places. That’s where I ran into Your Divine Security.

I was TSA-Preferred Check, as I now seem to be every time I travel by plane. It’s actually quite convenient. Security lines are shorter and move faster, since TSA-Preferred passengers do not have to remove their shoes, belts, coats, laptops, etc.

Some people apply for this privilege and undergo additional screening in order to be approved. But You just bumped me up to this status one day… didn’t You, Lord? And ever since that first time, my boarding pass invariably says I am TSA-Preferred. Thanks, Abba!  🙂

So it was that I was at the TSA-Pre Security Checkpoint for my departing flight.

I walked through the standard scanner. The security guard motioned to me, saying: “Please step aside and move over to the other scanner.” (i.e., the highest-tech scanner that sees past your clothing in what could be termed as a more “intimate” and revealing scan.

Like Superman’s x-ray vision?  🙂

This had never happened to me before. So I asked, “Is there a problem?” He answered, “No. You’ve just been selected by random.”  By random. Thanks to You, Lord, those words are no longer in my vocabulary. I moved to the other machine with a sense of anticipation.

I entered and raised my arms. When I exited, the female security guard said, “I’m going to have to pat you down.” Hmm… the plot thickens.  🙂

I looked up at the scanner results and saw the area of concern. The area that lit up, directing them to the need for further scrutiny. My entire chest.

I immediately said what was obvious only to me. “It’s probably my breast implants.” I told her to proceed. And that’s when You prompted my transparent (no pun intended!) witness, Lord. Like Secret #7 in Victory in The Valley — “Let God turn your mess into His message. Then become His megaphone.”

Your megaphone, Lord, about… Breast Cancer. Radical surgery. Radical chemo. But especially, Lord… Your Radical Grace. Like the moment You spoke those life-saving words to me: “Check your left breast.”

Suddenly, You had me get personal with this security guard, Lord. This nice young woman. This total stranger… who admitted to me that she never does any breast self-exams.

And I knew. The reason why I had been picked by random to be double-screened. At the particular moment when this particular security guard would be assigned to me. So she could not just hear about You, Lord… but hear from You.

How could I not hug her? Or leave there with tears of joy in my eyes? Was I just imagining, Lord? Or was another life saved that night?


Abba’s Girl


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