Desert Deliverance

It finally happened!

The drought has broken.  The rains have come.  Slow, steady, soaking rains.  For twenty-four hours now. With more to come.

It has been many weeks since it last rained.  We are over four inches below normal for this time of year.

It takes a lot of water to saturate hard, dry ground.  But it must come slowly… steadily.  So it penetrates.

You are so kind, Lord.  So faithful to provide.  The ground has been like a desert.

“Do not be afraid… My servant… whom I have chosen.  For I will pour water on the thirsty land, and streams on the dry ground..”  (Isaiah 44:3)

That’s what You have been doing with me, too… isn’t it, Lord?

Pouring out Your Living Water.  Onto and into my hard, dry soul.  Saturating me.

Breaking my spiritual drought.

“You, God, are my God, earnestly I seek You; I thirst for You, my whole being longs for You, in a dry and parched land where there is no water.”  (Psalm 63:1)

You are so kind, Lord.  So faithful to provide.  I have been so parched.

Now, I look outside.  The clouds are still everywhere, resting on the mountains.

Now, I look inside.  And the clouds have lifted.  All I see is SON-shine.

“Then they cried out to the Lord in their trouble, and He brought them out of their distress… He turned the desert into pools of water and the parched ground into flowing springs… Let the one who is wise heed these things and ponder the loving deeds of the Lord.”  (Psalm 107:28,35,43)



… and drinking deeply from those pools…

Abba’s Girl

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