Clawing for Attention

When Skippy (our precious kitty) wakes up and wants attention, she starts clawing and ripping up objects she knows will get our attention. Costly objects like area rugs and furniture.  Funny how she can wake me up out of dead sleep.

This morning, she woke me up at 4:00 AM.

Or so I thought.

I heard the familiar clawing and ripping and I bolted out of bed.  Actually, I bolted off the couch in our den.  Where I slept last night, thanks to “March Madness” dominating the TV in our bedroom until the wee hours.   🙂

Anyway, now only partially awake and stumbling in the dark, I coaxed Skippy outside into our screened-in lanai where I knew she would be safe.  Then I crawled back into “bed.”

I had just melted into that sweet state of light sleep when I bolted wide awake.  I heard the clawing and ripping again.  I was disoriented for a second.  Had I just dreamed I put Skippy out?  Were these noises just my imagination?

I settled back down into the couch’s soft embrace… and this time, bolted upright!  Skippy was definitely outside.  But the clawing and ripping inside were definitely loud and clear!

Inside the very den where I was trying to sleep!  Yikes!!!  But where exactly?  In the stereo cabinet?  In the wall?

And more importantly… what was it???

Needless to say, I never did get back to sleep.  I turned on the lights, opened up the furniture, pounded on the walls… I even brought Skippy back in, as our resident pest control expert.   🙂   All to no avail.

Skippy “alerted” to the noise, but didn’t pounce into the open stereo.  Good clue that the critter was in the wall itself.  The noises eventually subsided.  The mystery did not.

Tonight, our exterminator-for-hire is on call.  I am NOT sleeping on the couch again!   🙂

But mostly, I’m wondering…

… about the hidden things that “claw” and “rip” at our peace of mind…

… the things that wake us up from deep refreshing sleep and keep us from returning to it…

… the things “trapped” inside our own “walls,” making a home where they don’t belong…

… the things that are invisible on the outside but making real noise on the inside…

… the things we want to be rid of, but we can’t quite identify…

… the things that remain mysterious and, therefore, too elusive to expel…

“Call to Me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.”  (Jeremiah 33:3)

I get it, Lord.  You have my attention.

There’s pest control… and there’s Pest Control.

Where do You want to begin?


Abba’s Girl

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