Cancelled Due to Rain… Again?!

What did we do before we were so connected?

I have been disconnected for more than a day now.  No Internet.  Intermittent TV.  Satellite reception spotty to nonexistent.  No cell phone.

Severe thunderstorms.  Steady rain.  Clear skies with no apparent weather issues.  The weather didn’t seem to matter.  Maybe the satellites fell?  Or went on strike?

We couldn’t get the weather report.  Storms rolled through with irregular frequency.  Fortunately, at the first loud thunder clap Skippy came running indoors.  We were all huddled together, safe.

It was actually quite cozy… except for the not knowing.  Not knowing how severe the storms might be, or how soon another band might overtake us.

I wondered:  Did we used to be more sensitive to approaching storms before we became so insulated with air conditioning and TV’s blaring?  Did we sense the changes in barometric pressure or the slight shift in the smell of ozone in the air?  The subtle shift in a breeze, heralding the next squall line?

I have become so accustomed to technology that I felt disconnected without it.  Is this just a symptom, Lord, that I am relying more on it than on You?

I hear thunder in the distance.  I can tell by the darkening skies that another storm front is approaching.  I can tell by the blue lights flickering on my modem that Internet coverage is on “borrowed time.”  So I’ll sign off for now.

In a way, I’m glad.  What a great opportunity to disconnect from the world… and to reconnect with You, Lord.

“I will sing of the Lord’s great love forever; with my mouth I will make Your faithfulness known through all generations… The heavens are Yours, and Yours also the earth; You founded the world and all that is in it… Blessed are those who have learned to acclaim You, who walk in the light of Your presence, Lord…. For You are their glory and strength…”  (Psalm 89:1,11,15,17a)

Gratefully plugged in to You,

Abba’s Girl

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  • Bob Morrill says:

    Father, please wake up. The storm is raging and the boat is filling with water. After stopping the wind and rain, Jesus says” where is your faith”?

    Do not let the everyday storms of life keep you away from the peace and Love of God. Thank you God for all you have provided me on this Father’s Day. I am so blessed and thankful.

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