Can You Hear Me Now?

It had been an amazing day so far, Lord!

Seeing a huge buck grazing peacefully in our front yard in the cool of the early morning.  Long enough to capture his picture with my telephoto lens.  What a GIFT!

Soaking in Your Word for an extended time — specifically, Scriptures through which You proclaim (and affirm) how accepted, secure and significant I am because of You.  More GIFTS!

Precious time shared with precious loved ones.  Eating meals.  Riding bikes.  Doing chores.  Watching soccer.  Swapping stories.  GIFTS upon GIFTS!

Seeking Your Presence.  Sharing deeply — for hours — about things of soul and spirit.  Hearing calls to Freedom.  Discovering paths to Freedom.  Taking baby steps, at Your direction.  GIFTS that are priceless beyond measure!

It seemed that the day was unfolding according to Your perfect plan, Lord.  Then suddenly, a major GLITCH.

It was just 45 minutes before a scheduled phone call with a treasured client.  The GLITCH could have become a headline on the 6:00 PM News:  “Farm Equipment Encounters Telephone Conduit.”  The conduit was bound to lose.

Our landline phone was decimated. And our cell phones don’t work here at the house.  Add to that:  Our car was in the shop for repairs.  No way to drive elsewhere to make the call.

Hmm… What’s wrong with this picture???

Nothing, really.  Isn’t that right, Lord?

It was one of those Moments.  The Moments You have been inviting me to focus on lately — Moments of Choice.

I could see the options so clearly in front of me.  I could blame the operator of the farm equipment and get angry.  I could let this latest “glitch” overshadow my whole day, causing it to end on a sour note.  OR… I could do what You ask (command) me to do:

“Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”  (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18)

The solution came to me as easily as taking in my next breath.  I emailed my client, explaining the situation and asking if she could be available tomorrow instead.  NO PROBLEM.  The operator of the equipment felt terrible and apologized profusely.  I said, “Please don’t worry.  Accidents happen.”  I felt completely at peace.

How did this come to me as easily as my next breath, Lord?  Was it all of that time I had been soaking in Your Word today… and in Your Presence?  The old sponge metaphor come to life:  You are like a sponge.  Whenever Life squeezes you — which it will — what comes out shows what you’ve been soaking in.

Thank You, Abba.  For Your unfailing grace today.  For Your Truth made real to me.

I am reminded of the old commercial for Verizon Wireless.  The guy who goes to remote places all over the world and asks, “Can you hear me now?”  One company’s boast about how far and wide its “voice” can reach.

Our phone isn’t working now.  The earliest repair couldn’t be scheduled until Wednesday.  But the more important question You have already answered, Lord:

“Can you hear Me now?”  Yes, Lord… all by Your grace.


Abba’s Girl


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