Benchpressing ZZZs!

What do I have in common with the Pillsbury Doughboy?

NOTHING, I hope! ¬† ūüôā ¬† ¬†At least as far as his puffed out, overly round body is concerned!

But this present reality could be rudely tested if I don’t start getting some exercise again soon!

Reason for No Exercise Day #1 (Saturday): ¬†Driving 450 miles, after feverishly packing up the house and truck… arriving at our Interim Destination after dark.

Reason for No Exercise Day #2 (Sunday): ¬†Driving 430 miles, arriving at our Final Destination… followed by feverishly unpacking the truck and settling into our temporary lodging.

Reason for No Exercise Day #3 (Monday): ¬†Like the song says, “Oh the weather outside is frightful!” ¬†Socked-in grey skies, temperature hovering in the high thirties, constant bone-chilling rain all day.

Not my idea of great cycling weather! ¬†ūüôĀ ¬† I did actually climb a mountain today, but it certainly wasn’t as beneficial as my typical 9.5 miles on my bicycle!

What about tomorrow? ¬†Time will tell. ¬†In the meantime… How about I “saw some logs” tonight, Lord? ¬†Not the snoring part, just the sleeping part! ¬†At least then, my mind will be alert enough to figure out an appropriate rainy-day alternative!

And I will, Lord, with Your help.  (Figure out an alternative, that is.)

“Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? ¬†You are not your own; you were bought at a price. ¬†Therefore honor God with your bodies.” ¬†(1 Corinthians 6:19,20)

Benchpressing some ZZZs,..  !!!

Abba’s Girl



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