Beam Me Up, Scotty?!

I love the tag line AT&T came up with years ago, touting the benefits of the telephone in connecting loved ones separated by long distances: “It’s the next best thing to being there.”

I guess for us, Lord, that tag line refers to prayer… right? Without a landline or cell phone in sight. Without a Facebook post or Tweet at our fingertips. Just our hearts connecting with Yours in the split second we turn our focus to You.

[Deep sigh.]  🙂

Tonight, I’m taking another step in this blog space… by learning to go Video! I don’t know all You have planned for this, Lord… but today is a starting point. All I’m doing tonight is trying to “embedd” in this blog post the very first video I made on YouTube.

I hope it works, Lord! Because I can hardly wait to see what You will do through this technology upgrade… as I “talk” this way (from time to time) with whoever “out there” tunes into this blog.

I feel a little like I’m moving from my Technology Dark Ages to Star Trek-ville. Beam me up, Scotty! Or should I say… Jesus?! Have Your way, Lord!!!  🙂

Expectantly, with Love…

Abba’s Girl

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