What Makes YOUR Mouth Water???

We were gathered in a comfortable living room. Seventeen of us in all. Pressed together on comfy couches and window seats. Spilling over onto chairs with overstuffed pillows or hard wooden slats.

Standing Room Only. Except we weren’t standing.  🙂

Actually, we weren’t really sitting either; at least, our spirits weren’t. They were on bended knees… looking UP. For over two hours. That’s how long we gathered in Your Presence, Lord.

It seemed like only a moment…

You had invited me there, Abba — a place where I was unknown. To speak — deeply — about two of my greatest Valleys in Life. And how You met me in each one… changing everything.

Now and forever.

Charles Dickens wrote A Tale of Two Cities in 1859. Yesterday, I spoke about my Tale of Two Cancers. Both threatened my life in real and tangible ways. Both would have ended my life… had it not been for Your Amazing Grace.

The first “cancer” began when I was nine years old. The Trauma that should never come to any child… but, all-too-often, does. The cancer that remained hidden. Where it festered for decades, undetected by everyone… except me.

Hidden. Where it metastasized… and almost took me out. Until You came, Lord… and took all the time needed to heal me. Miraculously. Thoroughly. Surely, such healing is not possible apart from You, Lord!

“With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” (Matthew 19:26)

The second cancer was recent and literal. Breast Cancer. A tough valley, with immediate and long-term effects. You could have taken me Home. I would have gone gladly. But You didn’t… at least, not yet.

I start every day wondering what You have planned for me… that I might lift up Your precious Name and help others draw closer to You. Whoever You bring my way, from far and near.

Like yesterday.

I was 3/4 of the way through the words You had given me to speak when the host’s two dogs came bounding into the room. They had been cooped up somewhere, to not create a disturbance. But like experienced escape artists, they had found their way to us.  🙂

Our host jumped up and got her Secret Weapon — treats that were irresistible to her four-legged babies. As she led them away, with their mouths watering, You spoke to me so clearly I almost heard Your audible Voice.

What we were seeing in that moment was significant.  Personally. Prophetically.

There we had been, Lord… “feasting” in Your Presence. Savoring Your Goodness through every testimony of Your Unfailing Kindness… Your Steadfast Love… Your Powerful Deliverance… Your Promises Fulfilled.

Then came The Intrusion — The Interruption that distracted us from You. It comes in so many forms… doesn’t it, Lord? Then, the Irresistible Treat. That morsel of something that makes our mouths water… for anything other than You.

By Your Grace, Lord, we refocused quickly… and You blessed our socks off!

Oh, Lord… Help our mouths water only for You, The Bread of Life! (John 6:35)

Abba’s Girl


  • Debbie L says:

    Oh my, tears of JOY are flowing!!! What a beautiful testimony from your God given megaphone! How’s your second book coming together???
    So glad you had this opportunity!

    • Diana Furr says:

      Bless you, dear sister… for joining me in those tears of JOY! 🙂 That second book is percolating… waiting for the day (soon!) when the Lord says “NOW” and we sit together so I can try to hear what HE is dictating! 🙂

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