The Tears We Treasure

Tears come in all “shapes” and sizes… don’t they, Lord? At least the ones I have cried. The ones You had me describe, in the precious book You blessed me to write:

“Sometimes our Valleys are such that crying is not just inevitable, it is altogether fitting and appropriate. To deny our Grief Tears and Anger Tears is to deny part of the very Reality we must face and embrace.

Such tears can fill our ‘tub’ to overflowing… inviting us to sink down into them, almost to the point of drowning. Making it seem like we will never laugh again.” (page 64, Victory in The Valley – 7 Secrets to Overcoming Life’s Worst and Savoring Life’s Best, Healthy Life Press, 2017)

I remember those tears, Lord. When I was at the very edge of Life, aching from pain I couldn’t escape. Pain of the worst kind — the pain of a wounded heart that feared it would never heal. When death seemed the only real chance for Relief. Even if it had to come by my own hand.

Or so I thought; at least, when I listened to nameless and faceless voices trying to steer me over the cliff.

But You said “no” to them, Lord. And when You pierced the darkness with Your Light, a spark of Hope ignited. A spark which, in time, grew into a wildfire… even though I had no clue it was You!

“Remarkably — impossibly, it seems — Laughter can also come. Uninvited, perhaps… but oh-so-welcome. More often, though, I believe we must look for Laughter. And give ourselves permission to experience it… even in the darkest of days. Gut-wrenching, fact-defying Laughter that also takes us to the point of tears. Joy Tears that ‘bathe’ us in a different way altogether.

Encouraging and empowering us to take The Next Step… even The Next Breath.” (page 64, Victory in The Valley)

Oh, Lord… how I treasure all of these tears! You held me close as I cried each one, whether from Desperation or Joy. And through them all — after You turned night into day and brokenness into wholeness — You enabled me to tell others of Your Amazing Grace and Unfailing Love!

I learned about one of those “others” just yesterday. The friend of a dear friend. My friend had given her friend a copy of my book. Her friend is traveling through the toughest of Valleys… including, but not limited to, breast cancer. Other Valleys, too — heart-breaking, life-shattering Valleys — overwhelming her all at once. She didn’t know how her friend would respond to Your messages in Victory….

… until yesterday. When her email came.

She had read the entire book in one sitting, on a recent airplane ride. She cried the whole time; so much so, the people on the plane wondered how they could help.

But You were already helping… weren’t You, Lord? Helping her offload some of those tears. Grief Tears and Anger Tears. And, remarkably — impossibly — Joy Tears, too.

Healing tears. every one. Tears to treasure.


Abba’s Girl


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