The King of Technology – Part 3

Really, Lord?  Yet another “exclamation point” to Your Kingship in this arena?  Going even beyond the blessings I experienced in “King of Technology – Parts 1 & 2”???

How I love that You never cease to amaze me!

What does “technology” mean, anyway?  The scientific application of knowledge for practical purposes.  Indeed!

I was back in my home office after my two-day trip.  So I did what I normally do there:  I turned on my laptop.  Except it didn’t boot up properly.  I tried several times, in different ways.  All to no avail.  And I thought… OH, NO!


Just before my trip, I received an email from a trusted source.  Someone I know personally. An announcement about a new business service she is launching.  Great graphics.  Greater copy.  And a beautiful photo of her with an arrow:  “Click here to learn more.”

So I did.

Warning screen!!!  Instructions to call toll-free for “help” in dismantling malware that had already been installed.”   Yikes!

I closed the warning and emailed my friend.  Celebrating her new service AND alerting her. In case I wasn’t the only one with this problem.  She emailed back, apologizing.  She, too, had experienced it.  She was troubleshooting and would contact me when she knew more.

Surprisingly, she was at the meeting I had attended!  I hadn’t seen her in… three years? She was beside herself.  She had naively waded into technical territory without trusted counsel. She advised me to get with my “best tech guy” to troubleshoot.

So here I was.  Back home.  My laptop on the fritz.  About to search for a “best tech guy” in our area… when I remembered:  I have security software.  I could run a complete security scan.  Maybe the software could find the problem AND resolve it?

Then I remembered:  I already have THE Best Tech Guy!  You, Lord… The King of Technology!  On call, 24/7.  So, as I started the software’s security scan, I prayed:

“Lord, YOU are my Security!  You have shown me, even in recent days, that You are King over ALL Creation… including practical details IN Creation.  Like the songs on my iPhone.  And, now, my laptop.  So, Lord…  In the matchless name of Jesus — The King of Technology — please remove whatever is plaguing my laptop!”

It took an hour for the software scan to run.  The result?  NO VIRUS.  NO MALWARE.  My laptop worked the rest of the day without incident.

Of course it did!   🙂

This morning, I wanted to sing to You.  I opened my iPhone.  My eyes fell first on a song I had never heard (by Laura Hackett).  I wondered:  Would that song play?

Of course it would!   🙂   Because it was The Perfect Song for This Perfect Moment!

“You satisfy my soul!  You make all things beautiful!  Trials and testing prove there’s gold.  You turn mourning into joy!  You make my heart sing!  You lift me on eagles’ wings!  You satisfy my soul!” 

Casting ALL my cares on You, Lord… because You care for me!!! (1 Peter 5:7)

🙂   🙂   🙂

Abba’s Girl

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