It’s beautiful, Lord.

An old house, nestled on a lush green acre of land… with a privacy fence in the yard full of trees and Ivy.   In the heart of the city… But it seems like we’re out in the boonies.

The perfect place for our Second Annual college suitemate reunion!

Only one drawback.   No Wi-Fi…  and spotty cell phone service.   I just found a corner in my bedroom with enough cell service to type these few words.   Not a great option.

Not only that, it is now midnight… And I’ve been up since 5:10 AM.  Not only that, it is now midnight… and I’ve been up since 5:10 AM.

[Is there an echo out here in the boonies???]   🙂

Tomorrow I will go find a coffee shop with free Wi-Fi.   For now, I will chalk this up to the “not meant to be” category.

It’s just as well.   We spent precious time this evening talking about You, Lord.

What’s not to like?!   🙂


Abba’s Girl


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